Vietnam War

Vietnam Wars Stories

Pastor Jung Myung Seok was enlisted for military operations in the Vietnam war on Feb 22, 1966. In the war, despite many dangerous encounters, he struggled to keep the word of God of not killing while protecting his own life. Throughout the war, he experienced first-hand, the precious value of life and the love of Heaven through countless life and death encounters. He saw with his own eyes the painful suffering of war, and experienced deeply the meaninglessness of life, and realized how precious it is to be alive. Because he valued not only his own, but also his enemies’ lives, God protected him from countless deadly situations during the war. 

  • The P.O.W. who became my spiritual friend

    After an extremely drama experience of saving the life of a P.O.W. (Prisoner of War), at the expense of risking my life, i brought him back to our base camp. However, the vietcong was eventually killed by my platoon leader. I was totally heart-broken and devastated! How can someone take away the … Continue reading

  • “Love” saves my life and others


    This episode happened sometime during battles in Tuy Hoa area when I was 22. My unit was urgently dispatched to the edge of Mt. Cai at a wee hour. According to given info, the Vietcong would come down to a town via this area for provisions. My unit ambushed in … Continue reading

  • You will surely return alive!


    I was dispatched to Vietnam from 1966 to 1969 and participated in the war. When I went there for the first time at the age of 21. The unexpected tropical sunlight that boiled the land over 40 degrees Celsius welcomed us. We soldiers suffered from breathing difficulties and heatstroke. Under … Continue reading

  • God’s voice told me, “Love!”

    operation mt.cai in tuy hoa

    I participated in the Vietnam War from 1966 to 1969. This episode happened during the Mt.Cai Operation in Tuy Hoa in 1967. My comrade (Yoo Kun Tae) and I ran into one of the Vietcong, only 3m apart between us. The enemy is already aiming a rifle … Continue reading