Pastor Jung Myung Seok

God’s purpose of creating human beings is so that we can live loving God as our Bridegroom, our Counterpart of love.

Despite being born in a time of great poverty in South Korea, Pastor Jung Myung Seok developed a profound love for the Lord, starting an ascetic life of prayer from young. Through deep prayers, he came to learn the deep profound Word from the Lord and realized the grief of God’s unfulfilled love towards all of mankind. He preaches the message of loving the Holy Trinity like a bridegroom as the top priority of one’s life and loving other lives with the same heart as God.

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Wolmyeongdong is the hometown of Pastor Jung Myung Seok, situated in the Chungnam province of South Korea. It is God’s Natural Temple which Pastor Jung Myung Seok has been building together with his disciples since 1989, with great dedication, love, and effort, as a place for people to offer prayers and glory to God.

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Jung's Philosophy

Sermons & Messages

Having gone through many difficulties in his life, Pastor Jung Myung Seok preaches a message of transforming lives by taking action according to the Word of God. He lives up to his life’s philosophy, preaching the gospel in ways that help people relate to God in reality and in ways that enable them to live according to the Word.

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Arts & Culture


From a young age, Pastor Jung Myung Seok had an interest in drawing. Despite having no proper opportunity to learn and practice drawing, he drew secretly whenever he had the chance in the midst of his childhood. As he grew closer to God, he received inspirations to draw and express the love and mentality of God through painting, bringing people closer to God.

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