Jung Myung Seok
November 1, 2016

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  • Death of the Vietcong: God repays with your deeds

    I bought the Vietcong whom I saved previously to my base. My platoon leader, Son Seon Jong, took him somewhere to investigate him. Meanwhile I, together with some companions, embarked on a manhunt mission to a cave.

    Death of the Vietcong

    Before long, cracking sounds of an explosive drove us out of the save and we spotted the ruthlessly scattered body parts of the P.O.W. The stench of his blood was overwhelming. Although the Vietcong was the enemy, I considered him as a friend since we had saved each other’s lives. Witnessing the inhumane killing scene of my beloved P.O.W., I raced to the platoon leader and reproached him for his heartless cruelty.

    He completely ignored the captive’s self-surrender and his saving of the lives of Yoo, Kun Tae and mine. I also told the leader to keep a good conscience even on a battlefield. He shot back, saying, “Then, do you want to look after him?”

    I responded: “The captive should’ve been sent to a prison camp and then set free later.” 

    He yelled at me: “You, Jesus believer, may do that, but not me.”

    Later, I found out the real reason why he killed the captive: he didn’t want to be involved in any possible dangerous operation if the P.O.W. was sent to a regimental headquarters and revealed some information. I reprimanded the leader again,  pointing out that God would protect his life only when he would value others. He used to keep in mind what I said because he knew I was different from other soldiers and I thoroughly led a faithful life following God. He lowered his voice and told me to go eat. I replied I couldn’t because of the stench of the blood. He criticized me saying, Is this your first time smelling such stench? You’re impossible.

    You reap what you sow

    Tears ceaselessly rolled down my cheeks for three days since the death of the captive. We were saved by loving each other, yet he was killed, how could I not grieve? Murderers can’t get away with punishment.

    One month later, an unusual thing happened. Out of the blue, the leader was dispatched to an armoured corps. A regimental commander sent him to the perilous front line because he took Son for a merciless and brave man. Son, reduced to skin and bone, returned to my unit six months later. He went through various kinds of hellish pains in very dangerous areas.

    God told us, humans receive according to what they’ve done. Yoo, Kun-Tae who passed out in the encounter came to his senses sometime later. I told him to believe in God and Jesus because they saved us that day by inspiring the enemy’s heart. He said he would.