Jung Myung Seok

People can’t endure if people go beyond the norm.

Luke 20:38 

He is not the God of the dead, but of the living.

When people go beyond their limit, everything becomes painful; you can’t live without sleeping, eating, and breathing – all the basic things we do to survive. If people live without sleeping or eating, that means they have crossed their limit. People must live while being careful not to exceed their limit. Then, people will be able to live comfortably without suffering. .

God created mankind to be sensitive

God created mankind to be sensitive. In everything people do, both big and small things, God created people to work like a scale so that things are either easy or difficult, good or bad, or comfortable or uncomfortable. God created human beings to be sensitive – like a scale or a thermometer responding acutely to changes. God made it so that human beings will be able to tell what is good and what is bad and discern on their own and take appropriate actions.

Even when it comes to something small,  people will discern if it is something they should do or something they should not do and take action accordingly. If thermometers, scales, and various types of machines are not made to be highly sensitive, they will fail to measure the environment perfectly. Even cars and aeroplanes–solid and majestic as they are–are used for our purposes because they were made and assembled meticulously. The same is true with people.

Human beings were created to be so sensitive that they can even feel when a single hair touches their body or when it is removed from their skin, and they were created with the ability to plan and take action perfectly and smoothly. Like this, God

created people to be sensitive and with good senses so that each person will live while taking action when they need to. It is normal when people are unable to endure not sleeping when it is time to sleep, unable to endure not eating when it is time to eat, and unable to endure not working when it is the time to work.

Listen to the Lord’s Word, focus on your thoughts, sharpen them like a blade, and try to pray. This is a time when you must surely find out and know what you are currently not doing and what you need to repent for. It is a time to take action while incinerating your sins. Machines too, if they endure and fail to detect the time they go beyond ‘the norm’ and exceed ‘their limits’, they will break down. Surely know that life is like that too. I bless everyone to respond sensitively to the Word of God and the Lord, never forget the teachings of the Lord and always take action with a sharp mind.

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