There must be a will, and you must also like it

Pastor Jung Myung Seok delivered a powerful sermon about how we can live our lives full of flavor.

“There must be a Will, and you must also like it.”

As human beings, as long as we have the desire and it is something we like, we are willing to travel there even if it is very far away. Even if it’s the Will, it is very important that human beings like it as well, otherwise we will eventually separate from it. For example, even if a man owns a grand mansion in the countryside, he will not live there if he prefers the bustling city life.

Pastor Jung then explained that it is the same in our life of faith. No matter how great God’s Will for human beings is, we have to like it, in order for us to not go on separate paths away from God. Sometimes, there are hardships or difficulties in the process of following God’s Will, but the result will be beautiful, majestic, and wondrous when it gets eventually fulfilled.

Pastor Jung said that his hometown Wolmyeongdong is such an example. Before development, Pastor Jung mentioned that his hometown was originally full of thorn bushes and he left the place because he disliked it.

However, because God revealed His Will to build the ‘Natural Temple’ there, Pastor Jung returned to his hometown and commenced construction there. The final result of Wolmyeongdong as we see it today, has become a majestic ‘Natural Temple’ full of elegance and grace where people from around the world come to visit in droves.

In order to develop our lives into beautiful, wondrous and majestic ones, just like the Natural Temple of Wolmyeongdong, Pastor Jung reminded us that we ourselves have to like God’s Will. In our lives too, we have to love God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son so that we do not separate from Them. It is only when we like and love <the Trinity> that we will take possession of <the things that the Trinity like> and use them.

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