Jung Myung Seok
May 10, 2017

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  • Persistence & Perseverance

    Once, as I was about to go to church, it started pouring heavily. It was so heavy that I couldn’t even step outside. However, I told myself that I couldn’t skip service simply because of bad weather. Since I had no umbrella, I ended up dashing to church while covering my head. 


    The continuous rain through the night led to deeper streams – the river was about three meters high! I was terrified, and wondered if I should just head home instead. However, I steeled my resolve: I’d already made it this far, and I was determined to make it to church. 


    I took a ginger step towards the stream, but soon got weighed down by the water. Feeling my body leaning into the water, I frantically searched for something to hold on to. I was able to grab hold onto something which did not break even when I pulled it while taking a few more steps to cross the stream.


    After that, I had to cross another stream. This time, even more water came gushing, and the stream was far wider than the previous one. Though it came up all the way to my thighs, I managed to cross over and reached church safely. However, I found that there was no one

    God's burning and anxious heart

    However, I found that there was no one else in church. Even my mother, and the female elder, who always arrives earlier to ring the bell, were not there. I thought of God, and how He would feel when he saw that no one was in church to pray, wouldn’t He feel sad? I thought that I should comfort His heart, and prayed confessing that I would be faithful in doing His work.

    As I prayed, a miracle happened: a vision came to me, a huge fireball the size of the sun charging towards me. In that moment, a surge of energy came upon me and I felt God’s burning and anxious heart. With that feeling, I prayed even more earnestly to become a person of God and accomplish what people would not accomplish.

    Many years had passed since then. I realized only through one’s effort of being persistent and perseverance, could we come to understand and feel God’s presence and His love for us. I understood this principle while taking action to love God throughout my life.