Jung Myung Seok
May 11, 2017

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  • You will surely return alive!

    I went to Vietnam for the first time at the age of 21. It was 1966, and I had been dispatched to Vietnam during the Second Indochina War.  When we first landed, the unexpected tropical sunlight and burning heat – it was over 40°C – welcomed us. We soldiers suffered from breathing difficulties and heatstroke. Under these circumstances, we had to lie in ambush and carry out military operations in mountain areas. 

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    During the war, I was fearful of war and death, questioning, “Can I really return to my country alive from this scorching hot weather, fierce battles and hellish surroundings?” I kept praying to God that I really want to survive this war and return to Korea safely. One day, I pledged to God, “If I can return to Korea in one piece, I’ll devote my life to God and the world.” While praying sincerely, I shed hot tears and felt that the sky looked much clearer and brighter than ordinary days. Then, a voice in my mind said to me: “You will surely return alive!”

    As the voice had promised, I was discharged from service without hurting a finger despite scores of precarious incidents during hundreds of ambush, searching operations in mountains, and countless battles. My prayers saved my life during the war.

    After returning home. I kept my pledge to God: I diligently trained my spirit and body like pure gold to be His better tool, continuously prayed and received the Word of life in Mount. Daedum and caves near my hometown. At the age of 34, I began ministry by preaching the new Word and curing the sick with various diseases like deafness, mental illness, cancer, tuberculosis, etc, by praying. And in some cases, even the physically-dead returned to life again. Such encounters are countless, and I couldn’t

    explain everything to every single person during a gathering. If I were to speak about all of it, it would have taken a few days. Furthermore, the spiritually sick were cured and those whose faith was dead were resurrected. All these miracles made through prayer are too many to record. Whoever prays, big and small wonders will take place because God is with his or her’s prayer.