“Love” saves my life and others


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Jung Myung Seok and his comrades

This episode happened sometime during battles in Tuy Hoa area when I was 22. My unit was urgently dispatched to the edge of Mt. Cai at a wee hour. According to given info, the Vietcong would come down to a town via this area for provisions. My unit ambushed in a line. The tropical sunlight was broiling that my comrades and I felt like we were steamed in a cooker. All day long, we had to lie on our stomach in ambush, taking aim with a rifle in the scorching heat. At about 4pm, a couple of enemies began to appear. We tensely watched as their numbers increased up to 17. They were cautiously proceeding toward us in a line, carrying their weapons on their sides. Over the next one and a half hours, they made to a point only 30m away from us. We got a plan to shoot them simultaneously when they approached the point of 25m away.

My heart went out for them who were naively heading for an execution ground. I was greatly troubled as if I myself were out there walking toward death. I thought of their family members, sweethearts, and special ones. Just as my mother and other family members would eagerly pray for my life and safety, theirs would do the same. Killing them meant more than just getting rid of enemies, at the same time, it also make the lives of their beloved ones hell. It was too cruel, not to mention to be too sorrowful.

I pleaded with God and the Lord to save their lives. And an inspiration hit me,

Do I kill them? It’s you who kill them. Why do you ask me to save them?

Upon hearing that, I realized it was I who could save them or kill them. The Vietcong continued to make a few steps of stealthy approach towards us, but they bent themselves slow and looked out for all directions as if they have sensed a gloomy foreboding. We were on the brink of killing them at the platoon leader’s command. It dawned on me that I had to do something promptly to save them. Once I thought of them as my sweetheart, I couldn’t lose any second. I purposely coughed. The Vietcong, at once, lied on the ground. They were whispering each other as if verifying what the sound was.

Looking at their clueless behaviours, I grabbed a handful of tall grass in front of me and shook it. This time, they darted back to the way they’d come. Another miracle for saving lives took place in my heart. Such rescuing deeds saved the lives of my company in return that nobody was injured over one year despite the countless engagements.

Meanwhile, my military duty was done so I returned Korea. Three months later when I rejoined the same company, I could rarely meet familiar faces for they were already killed in action. On the day I arrived there too, some were killed therefore the atmosphere of the company was like that of a house in mourning. Even the company commander was crying. During the period of three months of my absence, the casualties were nine times higher than during the one year I was there despite more numerous, dangerous operations then. Once again I realized how God protected my war buddies’ lives while I was with them for I valued the lives of the enemies as if they were mine. Without me, the rampart that protected their lived fell down.

Be aware that by the condition you saved others’ lives, God will protect yours accordingly. Love is intense as fire and stronger than hatred. It produces great miracles.

I could save the lives of the 17 foes in that operation alone because I loved them. Such deeds also freed their beloved ones from possible dreadfulness. Since I treasure all lives, a meaningful life of saving the mankind was bestowed upon me.


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