The P.O.W. who became my spiritual friend

After an extremely drama experience of saving the life of a P.O.W. (Prisoner of War), at the expense of risking my life, i brought him back to our base camp. However, the Vietcong was eventually killed by my platoon leader. I was totally heartbroken and devastated! How can someone take away the life of someone else’s life, a precious gift given by God?

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Pastor Jung Myung Seok and his Vietnam War Comrades

As I prayed for the late P.O.W., I couldn’t help feeling so terribly sorry for him. If I had been there with him, he wouldn’t have been killed. I regretted to enter the cave to catch the other Vietcong, leaving him alone. I cried and cried overnight. He was a Catholic. I felt a deep affection for him because we owed the lives of each other, plus we were the same Christians after all. I’d grieved over my beloved brother’s death for weeks. He was always in my prayer and he became my spiritual friend. In 20 years since the military discharge. I tried to find my war buddy. Yoo, Kun Tae. I’d searched for him all over South Korea for four years, but he was nowhere to be found.

His irresistible love for alcohol, tobacco and women finally took him to another world. Also, I looked for the then-platoon leader, Son. I found out that he was promoted up to the rank of a lieutenant colonel. One winter day, he and his family-his wife, a son and a daughter died in sleep from briquette gas poisoning. He was only in his 40’s, the prime of his life. Not loving brothers and ruthless killing even enemies during a war brought calamity upon him and his family. I wrote this testimony of how God worked in this episode because neither the dead nor those unseen can testify His works.

Remember only love can save our body and soul/spirit.

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