Is giving a challenge or a joy?

There was one time, someone asked of something from me. It was an item that I needed and therefore I was reluctant to give it to him. Upon hearing his request, I thought, “If I give it to you, I won’t have any to use and why should I give the item to you when you didn’t help me with anything before?” I couldn’t find a reason to give the item to him. However, he was rude and persistent and kept demanding the item from me. I was irritated by his actions. At that moment, I recalled the teachings in the bible, God taught us that we should reward people only according to their deeds. While pondering on these words, I decided to keep the item for myself.

Not long later, I received some form of suffering and hardship due to this incident. I asked the Lord in prayer if I had done something wrong and He replied to me through inspiration, he said:

“Why didn’t you obey my word? Didn’t I tell you to give even your robe if someone asks you for your tunic?”

At that moment, I recall the words that the Lord spoke of in the bible

Matthew 5:40 -And if anyone wants to sue you and take your shirt, hand over your coat as well.

The Lord continued, “Didn’t you promise me that you will live according to My Words in the bible? You have kept even harder commandments of loving your enemies during the Vietnam war but why couldn’t you do the same this time? You suffer losses because of something trivial, your actions saddens my heart. If you gave it when he asked for it, you would have become a person who kept my words. You should also give while thinking about my words correctly. Eventually, the act of giving will be beneficial for both of you.”

Because I only take action upon the words in the bible while understanding it only partially and judged with my own thoughts, I was rebuked by the Lord.

The Lord then asked me, “Wouldn’t you have given it if you thought they were people you love?” I replied “Yes. If one of my disciples asked me for that, I would have given it to them no matter who they were.” The Lord continued, “But didn’t I also said to love even the people you don’t love and not just the people you love?” Upon hearing his words, I lowered my head in embarrassment.

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Pastor Jung Myung Seok prepares for service, revising the scriptures in the bible

While reflecting on my actions, I saw my own contradictions and that I was only focusing on the words in the bible that said, “Reward people according to their deeds.” While asserting my own perspectives. Through this incident, I realize that I must read and understand all of the Lord’s words and do what is appropriate at each moment.

A person needs to be equipped with the Lord’s heart of generosity, the willingness to give whether the item is big or small. People who love their brother, sisters, and people around them as if they were the Lord, are people with good and righteous hearts. When I realized this and took action upon the word after correcting my perspective and gave the item to him, the Lord was happy and through this person, I received much help too.

People of Providence, I want you to not refuse someone who asks you for something but give grace to them without finding fault(s). Always look at God’s word in its entirety, pray and receive God’s wisdom before you act. I want you to help one another even to the extent to the people you have a conflict with. Wake each other’s faith up, and help each other thinking that you are doing it for God, Holy Spirit and the Holy Son. The Lord delights when you obey his words with a kind and sincere heart.


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