Jung Myung Seok

Cleaning the Valley filled with Trash

Back in 2003, when I was in Hong Kong, there was a valley 1 km away from the place where I stayed. The valley had rotting trash and was giving off a stench, but no one dared to clean it. Instead, everyone just left it alone so I decided to clean it. One day, I went to the valley with two of my disciples to clean it up. I cleaned the 1 km long valley all the way to the end of it.

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Pastor Jung cleaning the Tai Tam Valley in Hong Kong

After cleaning the valley, I was drenched in sweat but there was no clean water to wash myself. It was the day of my birthday, so churches throughout the world was waiting for me to cut the cake in celebration of my birthday. However, I continued cleaning until 2 pm. Thereafter, I reported to God that I had finally completed cleaning the valley that reeked of trash stench.

As soon as I finished praying, rain began to pour down. It was a gift of grace on my birthday. Torrents of rain poured down for about 10 minutes and as a result, the rainwater flowed along the valley that had already been swept clean and it became cleaner. At that time I was so thankful that I raised my voice and broke out into a song, ‘The Lord is My Shepherd’, as a token of my gratitude to God who had led me to the green pastures and to the places where Their Will exists, even in the midst of tribulations.

When I found out the things needed to be done even in the midst of tribulations and put them to action, I gained more than what I had lost.

It’s the same thing even now. When dark clouds develop, rain is likely to come. Thunder and lightning strike and raindrops begin to fall. Therefore people usually get anxious about being caught in the rain and their clothes getting wet, so they quickly go indoors. Or they feel bad, saying, “It has been a while since I was out like this but I am caught in the rain unfortunately.” Even when they go on a picnic, if it starts to rain they would get in the car and come back home right away. By the time they arrived home, the rain will have stopped after raining just a little bit. Then they would say, “Since we can’t go out again and the sky is covered with dark clouds, let’s go to sleep,” and they would just keep on sleeping. But in fact, the day would eventually turn out to be a really good day because the weather will become cool.

What I realized from this incident

Things often happen in this way when tribulations and hardships come. If you just get scared from the start, you will give up and run away and you will get used to being that way. Such people are always afraid of having any hardships that they may face in their future. Even if a small thunderstorm strikes and only a few raindrops fall in their lives, they feel nervous, have all kinds of worries and are afraid. Then, they give up and stop what they were trying to do.

Do not think or be afraid of your difficulties and worries, but leave them to the Lord. You should take action boldly just as you get rained on during the summer and get caught in a snowstorm or cold wind in the winter time. Then like me, you can become a strong hero of life and you will be able to complete the work that the Lord has entrusted to you in the end. Do you believe this? If you get too scared, you will become a patient with heart problems. Call on the Lord. Call on God. Do you understand?


  • riza

    Wow. Thanks for sharing this story! I am in the midst of tribulations too but I now find strength to overcome it, together with the Lord! 🙂

  • Elma syu

    So good!!!thank you for your efforts~

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