Learn from the wise teacher and then put in effort to make yourself!

Since young, I always feel discouraged by the fact that I am not as smart and couldn’t think as fast as others. I always considered myself as someone who is weak in speaking in front of crowds.

One day, I went up to the mountains and prayed, with a sorrowful heart I asked God sincerely in tears.

Lord! I am ignorant and stupid. No matter how deep I think, there is just no possibility of me becoming a smart person. Those people who were constantly calling me stupid said that my brain is useless. I thought what I did so far was wise but I came to understand that it was foolish and thus I realize even more that I am a stupid person who doesn’t have wisdom. Yes! I now realize and acknowledge that I am a stupid person.

I cry in agony while punching my head with my fist in frustration of my ignorance. At that moment, I heard a voice saying to me.

I already knew you are neither intelligent nor wise, so please stop cursing yourself anymore. No matter how stupid and useless a person’s brain may be, as long as he has the heart to learn from a person who is wise, he can also gain wisdom. But no matter how smart and wise a person maybe, if he learns from a foolish teacher, he will definitely become a fool. Therefore, foolishness and lack of wisdom is not the problem; the problem is whether you meet the intelligent or not.

Upon hearing the reply, I sprung up to my senses, searched high and low, with the thought of finding the wise teacher. But much to my dismay, I realized that there weren’t any traces of such a person that existed in my village. That night, while praying, I slowly came to realize that this wise teacher whom I heard about is someone I already knew and that is none other than the Lord himself. I confessed in my heart that the Lord was the one and only wise teacher. Since then, every time when I pray, the Lord will appear through my thoughts and teach me the words of the Bible, through the laws of creation and reasons of the universe, centring on the Bible. I came to see and understand God’s words in a clearer and understandable way. Many Scriptures that was once confused became easy to understand.

After a few years of prayer and learning the word, the Lord gave me an inspiration in my heart saying,

Since I became the teacher who taught you. After learning from me, you too go out and become the Teacher who teaches others about this word.

Many years have passed since the Lord told me this. Even as of today, remembering what the Lord told me through inspiration, I am still crying out the word of this time period to all parts of the world. With <God’s word of the time period and God’s mentality>, The Lord made me a wise teacher through me learning from the Him.

Everyone, start thinking about making yourself, when you are young, think about how you should live your life. Then challenge to make yourself into that great person through learning the Word of God. In this way, your spirit and body will become the greatest person on this earth.

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