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  • Become united with the Lord through the spirit!

    Receive the Energy of the Dragon Gate Cave’s Eagle!

    If you pray deeply, you can become united with the Lord in spirit, and become a god to manage everything.

    It’s been a long while and I cannot remember clearly some things that were done before. However, only by knowing the things that have happened in Providence in the past, can you know me and the Will of God and the Holy Son Jesus. They have raised me, taught me, and worked upon me. Therefore, according to the design that They gave and how much They have allowed me to recall, I wrote this article.

    The discovery of the ‘Eagle’s Peak’ – where thoughts overflow
    Path leading to the mysterious Eagle's peak

    Path leading to the mysterious Eagle’s peak

    The Dragon Gate Cave covers up to 70% of Mt. Daedun. While standing above the valley, your view would be blocked by the mountain and precipice, so only half of the scenery can be seen. As you climb up the valley, you will see a towering peak which has the image of an ‘eagle’s head’. This peak is about 10m away from the Dragon Gate Cave Observatory Tower. Most people do not know of this place as it is partially blocked by the rocks and trees. It is only when you climb up this valley that you can experience the superb view of the Dragon Gate Cave and the scenery surrounding Mt. Daedun.

    Beside the boulder view, lies a tree that has grown over a long period of time and people name this tree as the ‘Thousand Year Pine Tree’; this tree is a masterpiece of nature.

    However, because the route up to the peak is too dangerous, it later became out of bounds. Before it was made out of bounds, and before Mt. Daedun became a tourist attraction, I visited there frequently.

    The route up the peak was an extremely dangerous one. One would have to climb up a vertical rock cliff that is over a 100m high. Even if one could climb very well, one would still feel fearful, because one has to climb the boulders, with only his bare hands, without any railings for support. It is the most dangerous when ascending the peak.

    The Astonishing and Majestic Eagle’s Peak

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    The peak has such a tight space that when one person kneels down, there is barely any space left. Therefore, it is very dangerous for two people to climb up together. If one falls, it would be a 100m drop. One would likely lose one’s balance and fall off especially in times of typhoon. Therefore, like an abalone stuck to a rock, one would need to sit on the boulder while gripping tightly to the sides of the boulder.

    Looking out from the peak, one can see the breathtaking view of the Dragon Gate Cave precipice, Seven Stars Peak, Taigu Temple Peak and the boulders of the other peaks.

    While praying here one day, the Lord told me to open my eyes. I opened my eyes, stood up and looked around. I could clearly see the boulders and cliffs spreading out from my position (Eagle’s head) to the Seven Stars Peak and Taigu Temple, just like an eagle spreading out its wings.

    In the Bible, the eagle is a symbol of ‘God’ and the ‘Messiah’.

    A place for training one’s mentality and receiving the grace of inspiration.

    The eagle’s head rock is a place where thoughts overflow. The Lord made me realize that this is the place where the thoughts of God and the Holy Son Jesus overflows. The Lord led me through the Holy Spirit, to shift from where I first prayed (Dragon Gate Cave, Seven Star Peak Observatory Tower) to this place.

    From then on, I named this place the ‘Eagle’s Peak’. After which, I came to know, “Why did the Lord lead me to realize that this place is an eagle?”

    The Bible prophesied that God will send an eagle from the East.

    Isaiah 46:11 “From the east I summon a bird of prey; from a far-off land, a man to fulfil my purpose. What I have said, that I will bring about; what I have planned, that I will do.”

    I realized these two things from the Lord: from Heaven’s point of view, the eagle is the Holy Son Jesus; from Earth’s point of view, it is the person who has come to testify as His body.

  • Keeping God’s Law Absolutely – Story of A Spoon (Part 02)

    The strange thing is: the officer usually grabs every opportunity to berate junior soldiers, but probably because he understands that I am a very upright person who would not fool around and is very unlucky to meet with such a situation, thus he just stared at me for a few seconds and then said: “Have you lost your spoon? Quickly go look for it, think of ways to look for it, I will check again tomorrow.” He thus let this matter rest and walked away.

    After the officer has left, all the people dispersed. Only a few brothers whom I am closer to surround me. “I think you should quickly escape by climbing the wall and buy a spoon from the shop just outside the camp”, a few brothers suggested.Army camp fence

    “It cannot be done. If I do that, others would think I am escaping from being a soldier. I’ll have to accept the consequences.” I felt that this would not work out.

    “Sigh, I know that you are not willing to steal other people’s things, but you don’t have to be so loud. Now, everyone knows that your spoon is missing. If this goes on, even if I want to borrow a spoon for you, it would be difficult”, another brother told me.

    “Thank you for your kind intentions. However, I cannot go and steal from others no matter what. It’s better for me to come out with another solution quickly.” I clutched my head as I thought hard about how to resolve the issue.

    “Ah, yes, let us look for the pastor in the army for help.” I thought of this way, and then I quickly went to the church that was set up by the army.

    “Pastor, sorry to trouble you, I want to consult you regarding something: Tomorrow, our troop will be conducting a force preparation on personal equipment. However, I lost my spoon. Is it okay if I borrow a spoon from you for the force preparation? I will return it to you once it ends.”

    “No way! If I loan it to you, what can I eat my meals with?”

    “It’s not like that, I will return it to you after the force preparation tomorrow morning, it shouldn’t hinder you much.”

    “No. Losing the spoon is your responsibility, why do you come to trouble me?”

    “Please! I have no other ways! It’s not as though I could just go out of camp to get a new one, this will be violating the laws of the army resulting in me becoming a deserter, also I don’t want to steal from others, it will be spinning and I don’t want that. I can only depend on you, pastor. I will not lie or play punk with you, I promise to return it to you right after the force preparation.”

    “No. You should have looked after your belongings well. Now that you have lost your things, you have to be responsible for it.”

    No matter how I pleaded, the pastor stands firm on his decision and completely rejected me. Even when I asked if the pastor could help me to ask those who come to church to pray for help, the pastor also refuses to help me. Falling short of my expectation, the pastor rejected me.

    Like a deflated balloon, I walked out of the church and thought: “Why? How can someone who believes in God be so heartless? He is a high ranking officer. It is not difficult for him to even go into the kitchen and ask for a few spoons. I also said that I will definitely return the spoon to him immediately after the inspection, so why does he reject me until the end, and is not willing to help even a little? This is so disappointing! If I were to become a head leader in the future, I will definitely, definitely not be like him! Sigh. Luckily I have just dropped a spoon, let me just take it that I have lost the smallest item. If they want to punish me, then let them punish. I will be more careful in the future.”

    Going back to the bunk room, the other brothers were already asleep in bed, so I climbed onto my bed. I was so depressed that I laid down to pray, complaining to God for a long time, and then fell asleep unknowingly.

    The next morning, I felt a strange pain in my chest when I woke up.

    “What’s the matter? I should not feel such pain even if I lie face down to sleep. Could it be a tumour is growing inside of me?” I felt so worried as I touched my chest.

    Just as I was making wild guesses, and getting worried whether I have some kind of illness, I suddenly felt something hard and was so surprised: “Oh no, what is this thing?” It felt as if there is something in my pocket, something that is pressing on my chest the entire night, making it so painful. I dug my pocket and took out an item.

    A spoon!

    I suddenly remembered: Because I had the feeling that the officer might want to inspect the personal items anytime and I was afraid that my spoon might get stolen if I were to put it in the cupboard, I put my spoon into the breast pocket to store it well. At that time, I felt that I will not lose things, and became proud of myself. However, because it is not my usual habit, I forgot about it completely after a short while and it led to this messed up situation of losing the spoon. I, who goes through the inspection safely, let out a sigh of relief and thought about how I could have landed myself in such an absurd situation. It also feels like it is a test that God has put me through – to determine if I when put in a difficult situation, would follow the majority and use various methods to let myself not get punished? Or would I guard my integrity?

    Ultimately, I passed the test given by God, so God allowed me to find my spoon before the inspection and this situation turned out to be a happy ending. Years later, I am no longer young now. But, I still tell this story to young people following me from all over the world and say to them: “I have ultimately passed God’s test. You all too, no matter what happens, you must make God and God’s thoughts as the utmost priority. Only then will God also make you all the utmost priority and thus render help accordingly.”


  • Keeping God’s Law Absolutely – Story of A Spoon (Part 01)

    When I came of age to join the military, it was unavoidable and thus I enlisted in the army too. To be able to leave that pitiful valley had always been my deepest desire but considering that I may perish in the battlefield and thus not be able to meet my parents again, was heart-wrenching to me. However, going to war was inevitable and thus I found myself being enlisted in the army.

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