Jung Myung Seok
October 3, 2017

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  • The Story of Two Eggs

    Recently, an incident that occurred when I was nine came to mind. Some guests were visiting my house but there was nothing at home that we could serve them with. So, my mother gave me some money to buy two eggs from the village marketplace down the mountain and instructed me to make a quick trip.

    The journey to and fro the marketplace was about 6 km. Going to the marketplace, I could make it down quickly, but coming back was a different story. Since I had to run with an egg in each hand, it slowed down my progress. With my mother’s voice instructing me to quickly come home, I decided to put an egg each in my pocket, freeing my hands so I could sprint home quickly. I ran home all the way, slowing down only when I was nearing my house.

    Never did I expect..

    As I stuck my hand into my pockets to retrieve the eggs, I came into contact with something wet. With a sinking heart, I realised that the eggs had broken due to the rigorous movement of my sprint. My face paled and my heart quickened. 

    What should I do? What have I done? Oh, why did I put the eggs in my pocket, knowing that they would break? Mother is still waiting to cook these eggs for our guest! 

    I considered running back to get two more eggs, but was stopped when I realised I had no money left. What should I do? The more I thought about it, the more absurd thoughts would come to mind. Briefly, I even contemplated running away from home. Although I was mere metres away from home, I continued to wander around outside aimlessly for a long time. Even when the moon hung high in the sky, I still didn’t return home.

    Eventually, my mother came out to look for me and found me in a bush nearby. “What are you doing here? Why didn’t you go home after so long? I was so worried about you!”

    “I’m sorry mom, I broke the egg…” I cried as I spoke.

    “The eggs broke? How?”

    “You told me to come back quickly so I placed the eggs in my pockets so I could run faster and return sooner. I only realized the eggs broke after that.”

    “You didn’t dare to come home because of this?”

    “Yes… I’m sorry mom…”

    “Don’t be silly. If the eggs broke, so be it. It isn’t that big of a deal. Besides, the guests have long left. It’s late, let’s go home.”

    That day, my mother held my hands throughout the entire journey as we made our way back home. Holding her hands, all of my worries disappeared and warmth coursed through me.

    As I reflected about the past

    Thinking about it now, I realise that God will hold your hand throughout it all.

    Even as I think back to this incident years later, I laugh at my naivety – that I didn’t dare to go home simply because of two broken eggs.

    “Ah, just like how the things that caused us so many worries when we were young eventually turn out to be such a small matter after we have grown up, the Lord is telling me through this incident that the things that I am worrying about now will feel like nothing when I look back upon them in the future.”

    “Just as how I felt so at ease and without worries when my mother held onto my hands then, I want the Lord Jesus to lead me forward holding my hands. In this way, I will have nothing to worry about.”

    Year after year, I continued to live with this attitude till today and would like to pass on this mentality, encouraging teenagers who currently fear the difficulties ahead of them.

    Your difficulties are ordinary things, just like the two eggs. There is nothing that the Lord can’t fix. So, let the Lord hold your hand, and overcome all your difficulties with ease.