Jung Myung Seok

Building Seokmak Church – Part 02

Part 02

In the 1970s, I needed to support my family.  I needed to buy clothes for my mother.  One of the things that I had made up my mind to do when I went back to Vietnam was to buy clothes for her.  Even though I knew that my dad would scold me for doing it, I was determined to get her an outfit. But, if I gave even a bit of the money away, I wouldn’t be able to buy anything for her.  If I gave everyone a little bit of money, then I would only be able to give half of what I had to church.  My older brothers and my younger siblings had all prayed for me, so I wanted to give them all a small sum too.  However, I just went ahead and bundled up all of the money and took it to church.  The bundle of money was so big that it wouldn’t go into the offering bag.  I thought about what to do and I went and sat on the podium.  I built the Seokmak church with that money.

I was rebuked by my brothers.

“How could you do that?  Even if it was just a little bit, you should have left a little bit of money for your family when you gave your offering.”

A commotion broke out, and so, my family went to the church and spoke to the deacon about it.

“He put all of that money in the offering but he didn’t talk to anyone at home about it, so he shouldn’t have done that.”

But I had already spoken to the deacon and warned him that,
“If they take any of the money, the responsibility will be on your shoulders.”
So I had already brainwashed him thoroughly.
“They won’t take all of the money from you, but don’t even let them take ten won.  If anything happens, it’s all your fault.”
I can remember saying that.

When I went home after I had put the money in the offering, a feeling of being thankful that God had saved my life, which was so precious that I couldn’t trade it for the whole world, sprang up inside of me. The money that I had given seemed like less than ten cents. It didn’t even seem like one cent. When I thought about how God had kept me alive, it didn’t even seem like one cent.

“God, if you want the tape recorder I’ll give it to you.  It’s all yours; I’ll just keep it safe for you,” I said and I thanked God.

After I had sacrificed my television and given it to God, I wanted to watch the news.  Back then nobody in the valley had a television.  There was just one house in Jinsan that had a television but it was not as new or expensive as mine was.  That’s how few televisions there were.  However, after I had given my TV to God, I felt no sense of regret.

Then I was reading the Bible, I was reading Proverbs and I kept on seeing a vision.  It looked like I was watching the TV but I was watching what was happening around the world.  In Proverbs 17:4-5 it says:

4 A wicked man listens to evil lips;
a liar pays attention to a malicious tongue.
5 He who mocks the poor shows contempt for their Maker;
whoever gloats over disaster will not go unpunished.

It seemed like this (these verses) was one book.  “3,000 proverbs are like 3,000 books.”  So it looked like there were 3,000 books tightly packed on to the one bookshelf.  “If you read Proverbs, it’s like reading 3,000 books. “

Even if you read one book, it would be hard to find even one proverb in it.  I was reading Proverbs a lot and I realized deeply how precious they were.  I gave up my TV for God; He showed me spiritual TV.  If I just think about something, I can see it.  I realized that this was something that had come from God.  He has never taken it away from me.  If it was just a TV, like the TVs in the world, it would have broken already.  No matter how good a TV was, some part of it definitely would have broken.  Since I gave everything to God, God gave me things that were much better.

Then I sold the tape recorder and used the money that I got from it to make the charts.  I sold the TV and used the money to build Seokmak church.  If you’re talking about 100,000 won back then, it would have been enough to buy thirty-three thousand square meters of land in Seoul. But I used that money to build Seokmak Church, so can you imagine just how much money went into it?  Now the time has passed and we have electricity and there is no one who doesn’t have a TV.

I gave my television to God long ago and built a church, so that people could be saved and so that I could make charts.  The most important thing is that I was given the TV of the spiritual world through which I can keep on talking to God and eternal lives that can record God’s words and put them to practice.  That’s how I met all of you, right?  This was a blessing.  Don’t live for the useless things of the world but live a beautiful life, a life of value for God.


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