Learn Absolutely from the Lord

Teachers have existed throughout human history to educate others on a plethora of things ranging from academics and skills to even faith and religion. However,  what and who is a True TeacherA True Teacher should be someone who has the capability of not only teaching people about life but also lead by example and show them how to walk on the path of life. Ultimately, If a person is unable to teach and lead people to Heaven, the final destination of life, then he or she is not ‘a True Teacher’ but simply a normal teacher. A student without a true teacher lacks the wisdom and skill to live his or her life well. Therefore, it is important to find the True Teacher that can lead you to the path of life, the path of success.

You must learn from a True Teacher. You must learn from the Lord.

Only the person who learned from the Lord and took action with the Lord gets to live in the same place as the Lord. Only a person who learns the Word pertaining to the time period and live according to that Word every day, get to participate in ‘history’ with the Lord in that time period.

<Proverbs 3:6> In all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.

There are some people of faith who claims that they live their lives putting the Lord as their head, but in reality, they live their lives centring on themselves. Just like the scripture <Matthew 7:18> A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit, a teacher who is unable to live a life of faith well cannot expect their followers to lead a life centring on the Lord themselves. A bad teacher will only result in both themselves and their followers being unable to take action correctly with Heaven’s mentality and fulfil the Lord’s will for them. Hence, ‘The Lord’ can only use the person who learns and live with Him every day. Thus, it is important to learn from the best teacher, who is the Lord himself.

Who is <the head>? It is ‘the Lord.’
Who is <the body>? It is ‘the followers.’

God created this world and human beings in order to fulfil His plan and purpose. He sent the Messiah and taught human beings to him that plan and purpose so that they would do according to that will. Even when it comes to doing the work and missions of God, only the Lord who is the head and the brain knows clearly. Therefore, when the Lord speaks, the followers must take action according to that Word, that is why we have to learn from the Lord!

People who live thinking that the Lord’s body is next to them are blessed people. If you live thinking that the Lord’s body is next to you,  you will not speak or act recklessly, you will not sin recklessly, you will make things new by burying old things and you will empty away your own perspectives, thoughts, stubbornness, and do according to the Lord’s Word.

Always live thinking that God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son Lord are ‘next to you’ in reality of your life Because, both God and the Holy Spirit take action through your body. Therefore, both God and the Holy Spirit are ‘next to you’ in your life. Everyone, realize this truth and live putting it into practice!

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