Building Seokmak Church – Part 2

Overcoming Poverty Building Seokmak Church – Part 2 Back in the 1970s, I needed to support my family. One of the things that I had set my mind to do when I came back from Vietnam was to buy clothing for my mother. Even though I knew that my dad would scold me for doing […]

The Teacher

Overcoming Poverty The Teacher How do you want to live your life? Do you want to simply go through the motions, existing from day to day? Following and learning from the wisest teacher, Jesus, I’ve found meaning in my life through spreading God’s Word. Who am I? I’ve always doubted myself. I’m not smart, I […]

Building Seokmak Church – Part 1

Overcoming Poverty Become United With the Lord Through the Spirit! My first tour of duty in the Vietnam War was in 1966 and my second in 1967. I then returned to South Korea in 1969. I had earned and saved a great deal of money from my army allowance, so before I returned, I decided […]

Discovering the Path of Life

Overcoming Poverty Discovering the Path of Life When you enter the spiritual world, your mentality, heart, and soul grow to resemble those of God. You come to know more deeply about God and the Holy Son, and about things that you couldn’t understand in the physical world. You also gain greater understanding and realization about […]

Becoming the Lord’s Body

Overcoming Poverty Becoming the Lord’s Body I’ve had a few near-death encounters in my life. One such instance was when I was overwhelmed with depressing thoughts; I felt utterly useless and inadequate. But, in that moment, I was saved by Jesus.  It all started when I met a rich, important businessman. This man was ill, […]

The Story of Two Eggs

Overcoming Poverty The Story of Two Eggs Recently, an incident that occurred when I was nine years old came to mind. At that time, some guests were visiting my house, but we had no food to serve them. So my mother gave me some money and instructed me to make a quick trip down the […]

Become United With the Lord Through the Spirit

Overcoming Poverty Become United With the Lord Through the Spirit! When you pray deeply, you can become united with the Lord in spirit and manage everything in a divine way. Eagle’s Peak As you climb up out of Daedun valley, a towering peak with a striking image of an eagle’s head comes into view: Eagle’s […]