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  • Visiting the dangerous “Narrow Gate Rock” at Dragon’s Gate Cave

    Other than the special rock at Dragon’s Gate cliff, the pine tree that grows out of a rock, the beautiful scenery of the deep valley of Daedun Mountain, there are also many uniquely-shaped rocks and beautiful scenery of the mountain. Some rocks look like human sculptures, some look as tall as towers, some have the image of a person in prayer, some have the image of figures embracing each other, while some are in the shape of animals.

    “Narrow Gate Rock” at Dragon’s Gate cave

    There is a rock at the Dragon’s Gate cave, which looks like it has been split into half by a big knife. As a result, the space in the middle of the rock formed a narrow path. It is so narrow that someone of a big build would be unable to pass through. This path was just next to the place where I frequently prayed during my ascetic life of prayer.

    After I started leading a church, I once bought some members to visit that place. The male Deacon was curious to take a look at where I prayed before, but because of his big build, I thought that it would be impossible for him to pass through. But he said: “Teacher, even though I am big in size, I am really good at climbing mountains!”

    I asked him: “But you are heavier than me by at least 10 Kg, are you sure that you are able to pass through?” He answered: “I can definitely pass through it effortlessly! It is not a problem. In the past, I’ve frequently climbed steep mountains which I could have fallen off to my death. Let me first have a try at the narrow path’s entrance. If I really cannot pass through, I’ll just look from there going further.”

    I reminded him: “There is no one to help you when you are travelling on that path. You have to rely on your own skills and abilities to pass through.”

    The male Deacon then entered the entrance of the difficult path. I asked: “Can you go in?” His wife said to him: “My dear, listen to the Teacher! Please don’t go in.”

    The male Deacon answered: “Don’t scare me!” After which, he stepped onto the difficult path, pressing his back onto the inner rocks, and walked a few steps. His speed was even slower than that of a tortoise. It was so difficult that he could only inch forward a tiny step at a time. Also, he had to stick his back and both hands against the rock to move forward.

    The male Deacon stopped halfway and said to me: “It is so difficult to get through!”
    I replied: “If you are not confident, come back out!”
    He replied: “Even though it is very difficult to go forward, but I will try!”

    I said: “Right now, I can only pray for you. Please call out to the Lord to grab hold of you tightly!” The male Deacon then called out to the Lord while he was moving forward and he succeeded in the end!

    I went on the path to take a look at the place behind the rock where he was. He was breaking out in cold sweat and was so nervous that he froze up.

    His wife said to him: “Since I am smaller in size than you, I can definitely pass through as well!”

    On that day, we all went through the path in between “the rock that was sliced apart with a knife” – the Narrow Gate Rock, which is symbolic of the narrow gate mentioned in Matthew 7: 13-14

    “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. 14 But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.

    In life too, we encounter situations which we have difficulties overcoming just like the “narrow gate”. People might die 30, 50 or even 70 years earlier than expected due to a single mishap. In the face of danger, we can avoid death as much as we call out to the Lord earnestly. When we call out to the Lord, that is when He can lead us through the narrow gate of life. While praying in the mountains, I too called out to the Lord countless of times to protect my life in the midst of danger. That was how I was able to survive the harsh weather over long periods of time during my ascetic life of prayer.

  • Becoming the Lord’s Body

    There was once when I met a big businessman who had an illness. He was lamenting that even though he was rich it was useless because he did not have a healthy body. I felt sad when I heard those words, so I offered to pray for his health. After sincerely praying, petitioning to God to heal him, the businessman started feeling better and showed signs of recovery. He was very thankful for my prayers and offered a gift in return. I rejected his good intentions and told him that it would be good if he could believe in God and goes to church diligently from now on. He promised me that he would start going to church more and insisted on giving me a gift. So I told him it would be great if he could offer a bell for the church near my house since the old bell had been spoilt for a while and the villagers were lacking something that could remind them to work and rest. Hearing that he immediately agreed and gave me some money. I took the money and boarded the train to the nearest city that sells church bells. During my journey on the train ride, I was rounded by a group of students. When I looked at them, the fire of evangelism within me started to lit up. I thought inside my mind.

    “How should I approach them?

    “Should I start with how are you?

    “Do you go to church?”

    “No no…This way of starting the conversation is so old-fashioned. The students will definitely ignore you.”

    “Hello! The weather is really nice, right? I guess you all are going somewhere for a holiday?

    No no, this doesn’t sound right.”

    “Hi, have you all read the bible? Do you have any questions? I have read it many times, and have lots of comments!

    No no, asking this way is too unexpected.”

    I played out many scenarios in my head and the heart of wanting to evangelize them was about to burst out from my chest. However, because I was too shy and my mouth was not able to finish what I wanted to say. Every time when I had the courage to walk over to the students’ side, my mind went blank not being able to say a single word, so I walked back. The students looked at me walking to them, forward and backwards, thus, they thought that I was weird and they gossiped about me among themselves. I flopped on the seat feeling utterly disappointed in myself. I was angry and rebuked myself strongly.

    “You are useless! It is clear that God has put an evangelism candidate before you, but what are you shy about? You can’t even say a single word, and you still want to evangelize and become an announcer? You are useless! You being alive, is only wasting a mouthful of rice! You are of no help to this world! Why don’t you just die! Instead of making Jesus disappointed continuously, and making your parents worried about you, quickly go and die!”

    I was so critical of myself and my words exploded in my mind like firecrackers. I got more and more agitated and more upset. In a moment of anger, I left my seat and ran out of the train carriage door.

    “Jump down and die! This is the best solution!”

    The images of me failing to talk to the students flashed past my mind. I closed my eyes and was prepared to jump down.

    Suddenly, something grabbed my neck, I was so shocked that the thought of jumping off the train was banished immediately. “Who was it who grabbed me? Is it the train driver? I did not see him just now?” I thought. I looked around but strangely, there was not a single person.

    “It must be my reaction from wanting to escape from death. I’m despicable. I am really unbelievable. I do not even have the determination to die!”

    When I was shaking my head at myself, I heard a voice that is about to cry saying: “I have already died for you. Why then do you want to die?”

    Immediately I recognized that it was Jesus’s voice. Jesus said it in a very sad tone and that frightened me. I told Jesus that I felt useless because I didn’t even have the courage to talk to people. I am unable to help the Lord to spread the gospel. I cried tears while confessing my stupidity. Jesus replied saying

    “A child would not be able to hold a very big object, right? Why are you discouraged and chose death because of this? Do you know how precious life is? Do you know how sad I am without a body?”

    I replied, “But, everything I do, I don’t do well.”

    “You will do well after you’re grown up. Let’s start by evangelizing one by one. Live with me and become my body.”

    After since that incident, I remember Jesus’s word and engraved those words in my mind. I started evangelizing one at each time and did it thinking that Jesus is working through my body. In this way, a step at a time, I spread the word to even the whole nation, and now even to the world. I became more confident in preaching the word to thousands and millions of people. Even though I am no longer young now, but that fiery heart to live for the lord was still in me and I confessed to Jesus every day saying: “Lord, don’t worry about me, I am living for the Lord, and living to fulfill the will of the Lord. Thus, no matter what hardship I faced, it is ok. I am a happy man!” Everyone, If you have ever once thought of giving up on yourself because you felt that you are lacking. Listen to these wise words of mine, and just as I  was saved through Jesus’ words that refrained me from committing suicide. You too, live a life not doing silly things but instead follow the Lord and do big things, and become a happy person!

  • Building Seokmak Church – Part 02

    Part 02

    In the 1970s, I needed to support my family.  I needed to buy clothes for my mother.  One of the things that I had made up my mind to do when I went back to Vietnam was to buy clothes for her.  Even though I knew that my dad would scold me for doing it, I was determined to get her an outfit. But, if I gave even a bit of the money away, I wouldn’t be able to buy anything for her.  If I gave everyone a little bit of money, then I would only be able to give half of what I had to church.  My older brothers and my younger siblings had all prayed for me, so I wanted to give them all a small sum too.  However, I just went ahead and bundled up all of the money and took it to church.  The bundle of money was so big that it wouldn’t go into the offering bag.  I thought about what to do and I went and sat on the podium.  I built the Seokmak church with that money.

    I was rebuked by my brothers.

    “How could you do that?  Even if it was just a little bit, you should have left a little bit of money for your family when you gave your offering.”

    A commotion broke out, and so, my family went to the church and spoke to the deacon about it.

    “He put all of that money in the offering but he didn’t talk to anyone at home about it, so he shouldn’t have done that.”

    But I had already spoken to the deacon and warned him that,
    “If they take any of the money, the responsibility will be on your shoulders.”
    So I had already brainwashed him thoroughly.
    “They won’t take all of the money from you, but don’t even let them take ten won.  If anything happens, it’s all your fault.”
    I can remember saying that.

    When I went home after I had put the money in the offering, a feeling of being thankful that God had saved my life, which was so precious that I couldn’t trade it for the whole world, sprang up inside of me. The money that I had given seemed like less than ten cents. It didn’t even seem like one cent. When I thought about how God had kept me alive, it didn’t even seem like one cent.

    “God, if you want the tape recorder I’ll give it to you.  It’s all yours; I’ll just keep it safe for you,” I said and I thanked God.

    After I had sacrificed my television and given it to God, I wanted to watch the news.  Back then nobody in the valley had a television.  There was just one house in Jinsan that had a television but it was not as new or expensive as mine was.  That’s how few televisions there were.  However, after I had given my TV to God, I felt no sense of regret.

    Then I was reading the Bible, I was reading Proverbs and I kept on seeing a vision.  It looked like I was watching the TV but I was watching what was happening around the world.  In Proverbs 17:4-5 it says:

    4 A wicked man listens to evil lips;
    a liar pays attention to a malicious tongue.
    5 He who mocks the poor shows contempt for their Maker;
    whoever gloats over disaster will not go unpunished.

    It seemed like this (these verses) was one book.  “3,000 proverbs are like 3,000 books.”  So it looked like there were 3,000 books tightly packed on to the one bookshelf.  “If you read Proverbs, it’s like reading 3,000 books. “

    Even if you read one book, it would be hard to find even one proverb in it.  I was reading Proverbs a lot and I realized deeply how precious they were.  I gave up my TV for God; He showed me spiritual TV.  If I just think about something, I can see it.  I realized that this was something that had come from God.  He has never taken it away from me.  If it was just a TV, like the TVs in the world, it would have broken already.  No matter how good a TV was, some part of it definitely would have broken.  Since I gave everything to God, God gave me things that were much better.

    Then I sold the tape recorder and used the money that I got from it to make the charts.  I sold the TV and used the money to build Seokmak church.  If you’re talking about 100,000 won back then, it would have been enough to buy thirty-three thousand square meters of land in Seoul. But I used that money to build Seokmak Church, so can you imagine just how much money went into it?  Now the time has passed and we have electricity and there is no one who doesn’t have a TV.

    I gave my television to God long ago and built a church, so that people could be saved and so that I could make charts.  The most important thing is that I was given the TV of the spiritual world through which I can keep on talking to God and eternal lives that can record God’s words and put them to practice.  That’s how I met all of you, right?  This was a blessing.  Don’t live for the useless things of the world but live a beautiful life, a life of value for God.


  • Building Seokmak Church – Part 01

    +jung myung seok +pastor jung myung seok +pastor joshua jung +providence religious movementI completed my first tour of duty in 1966 and the second in 1967. After which, I returned back to South Korea in the year 1969.  I earned and saved quite an amount of money from my army allowance and so I decided to buy a television and a tape recorder. I thought that it will be useful to have them because it was really expensive, so I bought them and brought them in Vietnam and brought them back to home.

    One day, while I was walking, I heard a voice saying

    “If you are not going to use it anyway, they’ll rust as time passes, so why not sell them and build a church in Seokmakri instead? Use it to save lives, like Noah building the Ark .” 

    Even though I heard the voice clearly, but I pretended that I didn’t hear anything. As I continued walking, Jesus inspired me again and he said

    “Are you going to keep on pretending not to hear me?  There’s no one else around; I’m talking to you…”

    I paused for a moment and reflected upon Jesus’s words. It’s true that I wasn’t doing anything with the television and it was just rusting away slowly. It was rusting away because it sometimes got rained on and I’d just put something on it to cover it, so of course, it was going to rust.  I tried polishing it with some anti-rust polish but it started to rust even more.  Jesus kept on suggesting that we sell it and build a church for lives because if I just left it there, it was just going to rust.  But back then, Television was so precious and our village didn’t have any electricity. I kept on praying that we would get electricity in our village; however, there was no news about it.  Nonetheless, I put the Television in the room that I shared with my brothers and when I was bored, I’d go in and look at it.  I was really chuffed (proud).  But I couldn’t use it, so it was pretty useless.

    wedding_045I tried to find places where they had electricity and found out that, there was electricity in Jinsan. So I walked, eight kilometres while carrying the Television with me so that I would be able to watch it. I even watched Apollo 16 being launched at the school and groups of people soon started to gather and watch together with me. I felt so proud of owning a Television and even started thinking about how much money I could charge each person who is watching, like how bookstores earn money from renting out comic books to people. But Jesus was telling me to sell it away, so I pretended I never hear Him.

    However, I knew that I couldn’t defy the words of the Lord, My Saviour, who saved my life.  So I came up with the idea of keeping the tape recorder and giving the television to Him first.  I knew that I had to give one of them to Him eventually because  Jesus isn’t just anyone,  he saved me when I was going to die in Vietnam so how could I just ignore Him? So I decided that I would give the television to Him.

    I kept the tape recorder instead and I used it to record sermons and listen to them again and again so that I’d be able to understand them.  At the time Elder Un-Mong Na’s revival rallies were really well-known.  So I went and recorded what he was saying and listened to the recorded sermon multiple times.  Things of the world on Television did not really interest me much, so it wouldn’t really be much of a benefit to keeping the Television.  Instead, it felt like keeping the tape recorder was a better idea, so in the end, I decided to give up the television.

    It seemed like God was urging me to give them up too.  I suddenly felt thankful that God had saved me when I was in Vietnam.  At first, I handed it over reluctantly… but then, I made up my mind. Since I wouldn’t have gotten much money if I had sold it to anyone else, I sold it to my older brother for one hundred dollars.  I had a pile of money.  In today’s terms, it would be around ten thousand dollars.  I wrapped the money up in the newspaper, it was a really large bundle, and then I took the money to the church.

  • God shall hold your hands throughout all – The Story of 2 Eggs

    One day, Jesus let an incident which occurred when I was in Primary 4 come to mind. A few guests were at my house for a house visit but there was nothing at home that we could serve them with. My mother gave me some money to buy 2 eggs from the village marketplace down the mountain and instructed me to make a quick trip.

    The journey to and fro the marketplace was about 6 km. I made it down in short time but for the journey back, running with an egg in each hand affects the body’s balance so it is hard for me to run fast. With a heart of wanting to get back home quickly, I decided to put the eggs into my pockets, one on each side. In this way, I could sprint back home quickly without any difficulty. Satisfied with this idea, I sprinted all the way up the mountain and slowed down only when I was 50 meters away from home.

    I was about to take the eggs out of my pockets when I realized they were wet. The eggs broke due to the rigorous movements of the sprint and I was so focused on running that I only realized it now. And upon realizing, my face turned pale. “What should I do? What should I do? What have I done? Why did I put the eggs in my pocket despite knowing that it would break? Mother is still waiting to cook these eggs for our guests at home! Oh no! Oh no! I’m in trouble!” I kept on reproaching myself.

    “Should I run back down the mountain? But I have no money left, would the boss allow me to buy the eggs on credit? Furthermore, I would reach home very late if I take another journey back there and mother would surely scold me! What should I do? What should I do?” The more I thought about it, the more absurd thoughts would come to mind. I even contemplated running away from home. I continued to wander around outside for a long time though I was just 50 meters away from home. Even when the moon hung high in the sky, I still didn’t return home.

    I stayed outside until my mother, who came out to look for me because she was worried, found me in a bush nearby.

    “What are you doing here? Why didn’t you go home after so long? I was so worried about you!”

    “I’m sorry mom, I broke the egg…” I cried as I spoke.

    “The eggs broke? How?”

    “You told me to come back quickly so I placed the eggs in my pockets hoping I would run faster and return sooner. I only realized the eggs broke after that.”

    “You didn’t dare to come home because of this?”

    “Yes… I’m sorry mom…”

    “Don’t be silly. So be it if the eggs broke, it isn’t that big of a deal. Besides, the guests have long left. It’s late, let’s go home.”

    That day, my mother held my hands throughout the entire journey as we made our way back home. Holding her hands, all of my worries disappeared and I felt a sense of warmth coursing through me.

    God shall hold your hands throughout all

    As I thought back about this incident years later, I can’t help but find it funny that I didn’t dare to go home just because of 2 eggs.

    “Ah, just like how the things that caused us so many worries when we were young eventually turn out to be such a small matter after we have grown up, the Lord is telling me through this incident that the things that I am worrying about now will feel like nothing when I look back upon them in the future.”

    “Just as how I felt so at ease and without worries when my mother held onto my hands then, I want the Lord Jesus to lead me forward holding my hands. In this way, I will have nothing to worry about.”

    Year after year, I continued to live with this attitude till today and would like to pass on this mentality, encouraging teenagers who currently fear the difficulties ahead of them.

    “Know that all your difficulties are just ordinary things like ‘2 eggs’. Let the Lord hold your hand, and overcome the difficulties majestically and with ease.”

  • Become united with the Lord through the spirit!

    Receive the Energy of the Dragon Gate Cave’s Eagle!

    If you pray deeply, you can become united with the Lord in spirit, and become a god to manage everything.

    It’s been a long while and I cannot remember clearly some things that were done before. However, only by knowing the things that have happened in Providence in the past, can you know me and the Will of God and the Holy Son Jesus. They have raised me, taught me, and worked upon me. Therefore, according to the design that They gave and how much They have allowed me to recall, I wrote this article.

    The discovery of the ‘Eagle’s Peak’ – where thoughts overflow
    Path leading to the mysterious Eagle's peak

    Path leading to the mysterious Eagle’s peak

    The Dragon Gate Cave covers up to 70% of Mt. Daedun. While standing above the valley, your view would be blocked by the mountain and precipice, so only half of the scenery can be seen. As you climb up the valley, you will see a towering peak which has the image of an ‘eagle’s head’. This peak is about 10m away from the Dragon Gate Cave Observatory Tower. Most people do not know of this place as it is partially blocked by the rocks and trees. It is only when you climb up this valley that you can experience the superb view of the Dragon Gate Cave and the scenery surrounding Mt. Daedun.

    Beside the boulder view, lies a tree that has grown over a long period of time and people name this tree as the ‘Thousand Year Pine Tree’; this tree is a masterpiece of nature.

    However, because the route up to the peak is too dangerous, it later became out of bounds. Before it was made out of bounds, and before Mt. Daedun became a tourist attraction, I visited there frequently.

    The route up the peak was an extremely dangerous one. One would have to climb up a vertical rock cliff that is over a 100m high. Even if one could climb very well, one would still feel fearful, because one has to climb the boulders, with only his bare hands, without any railings for support. It is the most dangerous when ascending the peak.

    The Astonishing and Majestic Eagle’s Peak

    +jung myung seok +pastor jung myung seok +pastor joshua jung +providence religious movement

    The peak has such a tight space that when one person kneels down, there is barely any space left. Therefore, it is very dangerous for two people to climb up together. If one falls, it would be a 100m drop. One would likely lose one’s balance and fall off especially in times of typhoon. Therefore, like an abalone stuck to a rock, one would need to sit on the boulder while gripping tightly to the sides of the boulder.

    Looking out from the peak, one can see the breathtaking view of the Dragon Gate Cave precipice, Seven Stars Peak, Taigu Temple Peak and the boulders of the other peaks.

    While praying here one day, the Lord told me to open my eyes. I opened my eyes, stood up and looked around. I could clearly see the boulders and cliffs spreading out from my position (Eagle’s head) to the Seven Stars Peak and Taigu Temple, just like an eagle spreading out its wings.

    In the Bible, the eagle is a symbol of ‘God’ and the ‘Messiah’.

    A place for training one’s mentality and receiving the grace of inspiration.

    The eagle’s head rock is a place where thoughts overflow. The Lord made me realize that this is the place where the thoughts of God and the Holy Son Jesus overflows. The Lord led me through the Holy Spirit, to shift from where I first prayed (Dragon Gate Cave, Seven Star Peak Observatory Tower) to this place.

    From then on, I named this place the ‘Eagle’s Peak’. After which, I came to know, “Why did the Lord lead me to realize that this place is an eagle?”

    The Bible prophesied that God will send an eagle from the East.

    Isaiah 46:11 “From the east I summon a bird of prey; from a far-off land, a man to fulfil my purpose. What I have said, that I will bring about; what I have planned, that I will do.”

    I realized these two things from the Lord: from Heaven’s point of view, the eagle is the Holy Son Jesus; from Earth’s point of view, it is the person who has come to testify as His body.

  • Learn from the wise teacher and then put in effort to make yourself!

    Since young, I always feel discouraged by the fact that I am not as smart and couldn’t think as fast as others. I always considered myself as someone who is weak in speaking in front of crowds.

    One day, I went up to the mountains and prayed, with a sorrowful heart I asked God sincerely in tears.

    Lord! I am ignorant and stupid. No matter how deep I think, there is just no possibility of me becoming a smart person. Those people who were constantly calling me stupid said that my brain is useless. I thought what I did so far was wise but I came to understand that it was foolish and thus I realize even more that I am a stupid person who doesn’t have wisdom. Yes! I now realize and acknowledge that I am a stupid person.

    I cry in agony while punching my head with my fist in frustration of my ignorance. At that moment, I heard a voice saying to me.

    I already knew you are neither intelligent nor wise, so please stop cursing yourself anymore. No matter how stupid and useless a person’s brain may be, as long as he has the heart to learn from a person who is wise, he can also gain wisdom. But no matter how smart and wise a person maybe, if he learns from a foolish teacher, he will definitely become a fool. Therefore, foolishness and lack of wisdom is not the problem; the problem is whether you meet the intelligent or not.

    Upon hearing the reply, I sprung up to my senses, searched high and low, with the thought of finding the wise teacher. But much to my dismay, I realized that there weren’t any traces of such a person that existed in my village. That night, while praying, I slowly came to realize that this wise teacher whom I heard about is someone I already knew and that is none other than the Lord himself. I confessed in my heart that the Lord was the one and only wise teacher. Since then, every time when I pray, the Lord will appear through my thoughts and teach me the words of the Bible, through the laws of creation and reasons of the universe, centring on the Bible. I came to see and understand God’s words in a clearer and understandable way. Many Scriptures that was once confused became easy to understand.

    After a few years of prayer and learning the word, the Lord gave me an inspiration in my heart saying,

    Since I became the teacher who taught you. After learning from me, you too go out and become the Teacher who teaches others about this word.

    Many years have passed since the Lord told me this. Even as of today, remembering what the Lord told me through inspiration, I am still crying out the word of this time period to all parts of the world. With <God’s word of the time period and God’s mentality>, The Lord made me a wise teacher through me learning from the Him.

    Everyone, start thinking about making yourself, when you are young, think about how you should live your life. Then challenge to make yourself into that great person through learning the Word of God. In this way, your spirit and body will become the greatest person on this earth.

  • What is the path of my life?

    Your mentality, heart and soul will grow to resemble God’s after entering the spiritual world. You would come to realize and understand everything about the spiritual world, become enlightened about what you couldn’t understand in the world and about God. You will understand about the Holy Son, and will also understand and realize your path in life. Just like you would shop at the market, you would also be able to choose your path of life once you enter the spiritual world.

    Entrance into the spiritual world+jung myung seok +pastor jung myung seok +pastor joshua jung +providence religious movement

    The one who prays has to enter the spiritual world from the physical world. Then it is considered having prayed deeply. The spiritual world has thousands of levels. Whether it is entering a low-level spiritual world or a high-level spiritual world, so long as one enters the spiritual world, it is considered that one has succeeded in praying. Successfully entering into another world (realm) through praying in our physical body is mysterious.  The physical body remains but the soul travels to the spiritual realm together with one’s mentality, thoughts, and heart. In the physical realm, one’s spirit will only exist at the level of the body.(one’s physical mentality, heart, and soul) However, if one’s mentality, heart and soul enters into the spiritual world, its spirit will exist in the spiritual realm as well. When this is done frequently, the spirit itself will be able to travel into the spiritual world successfully.

    The challenge of prayer that transcends the boundaries of this world

    +jung myung seok +pastor jung myung seok +pastor joshua jung +providence religious movement

    The infamous eagle’s peak at Daedunsan mountain. Pastor Jung Myung Seok often describe this cliff to be dangerous and steep and advised members not to try praying there.

    In order to offer a deep prayer that crosses from this world into the spiritual world, I was often starving when I went to the mountain or caves to pray. Praying at the cliff of the rocks is difficult. If you have a physical body, how can one forget about all the hunger, cold, heat, worries and anxieties and make pray deeply? The only way is to forsake the sense of awareness (consciousness) of the body. However, because the body lives centring on the laws and nature of the physical world. It is not an easy task to focus our thoughts and spirit to go into the spiritual world from the physical world just by praying in an ascetic way. Just like in this world, it is challenging to live in another country, all on your own. One has to invest a lot of time to adapt to living in the new country, and would not be able to assimilate well if he doesn’t change his lifestyle. In the same way, this reason also applies when entering into the spiritual realm. That’s why it is not easy to go to the spiritual world.

    There was once, I started feeling cold in the midst of prayer, and I opened my eyes out of curiosity. Unknowingly, the day had already changed into night. In this way, I realized that I was so focused on prayer that I didn’t even feel the passage of time. For a physical person, because one prays physically, there is nothing to say when praying, so it is hard to pray deeply. If you pray spiritually, the Holy Spirit will inspire and move your heart, and you can feel the heart of the God, Holy Spirit and Holy Son. At that time, you will pray according to the inspiration that comes to mind. When you pray in that manner, you will not feel the passage of time. This will become not a prayer of mere words, but a prayer made using the heart, soul and spirit.

    Leading a spiritual life

    +jung myung seok +pastor jung myung seok +pastor joshua jung +providence religious movement

    Pastor Jung Myung Seok praying sincerely in the Hwetgol cave behind Wolmyungdong in the late 90s, while developing Wol Myung Dong. It was one of the prayer caves he used to pray in and studying the bible.

    When you see the spiritual world, you will be able to steadfastly differentiate between the good and the bad path of life. You will also understand the reason for the existence of your spirit, the path of death in hell and also the path of Heaven where God dwells, and you can even meet with God. You have to meet the Saviour Lord, because it is through him you will know the complete path of life.

    I know this because I have gone and found that path of life when I met the Lord through deep prayers into the spiritual world while suffering all kinds of difficulties and hardships praying at the mountains for over 20 years and more. I did this because of more than anything, I wanted to know clearly the purpose of my life, and I wanted to meet the Lord so badly because I believe he is the one who can answer all my questions about life.

  • Persistence & Perseverance

    Once, it was pouring heavily as I was about to go to church and I couldn’t even step outside to go for service because of the rain. However, I told myself that I couldn’t skip going to church without a reason just because it was raining. Thinking that I would be able to go to church once the rain stops, I wanted to wait for the rain to stop. But, it seems like the rain won’t be stopping anytime soon so I covered my head and head over to church even though I did not have an umbrella.

    Due to the continuous heavy rain through the night, the rushing waters in the stream was about 3 meters high. It was impossible for me to cross that stream as it was really scary and I wondered to myself if I should head home instead. In spite of that, I was determined to go to church so I weighed out the other alternative route that I could take. Another option was to walk along the rice paddy and stay dry, but with just one slip on the rice paddy, I would be totally drenched too.

    With that, I decide to cross the stream. However, it was really not easy crossing the stream without military training. As I was walking across the stream, my leg was lifted off the ground and I couldn’t go forward or place my feet back down. Feeling my body leaning into the water, I frantically searched for something to hold on to. I was able to grab hold onto something which did not break even when I pulled it while taking a few more steps to cross the stream.

    Right after that, I had to cross another stream and this time, it had a lot more water and it was wider. Though it came up all the way to my thighs, I managed to cross over and reached church safely only to find that there was no one around in church. Even the female elder, who always arrives earlier than my mother to ring the bell, and my mother was not there that day. I immediately went to pray alone for the people.

    +jung myung seok +pastor jung myung seok +pastor joshua jung +providence religious movement

    Jung Myung Seok Pray in Mount Dadeun

    While I was praying, something miraculous happened. I thought about how God felt when He saw that no one was around to pray in church during dawn. And with a determination of wanting to comfort God’s heart. I prayed confessing that I would make up my mind to be faithful in doing His work and set all the conditions that people failed to set.

    This church existed before Songmak church but now it no longer exists. As I was praying from the pulpit, I saw a vision; a huge fireball the size of the sun coming towards me, right at that moment, a surge of energy came upon me and I could with God’s burning and anxious heart, with that feeling, I prayed even more earnestly and petition to become a person of God and accomplish what people would not accomplish.

    Many years had passed since then, through this encounter and the struggles I made to get closer to God. I realized only through one’s effort of being persistent and perseverance, could we come to understand and feel God’s presence and His love for us. I understood this principle while taking action to love God throughout my life.

  • Coming back to life, the story behind my name

    This was a story told to me by my mother: She said that when I was about three months old, I almost died from jaundice. My skin turns yellowish in colour and had difficulty breathing. I was so sick and was dying. When I almost died, my mother covered my body completely with a thin comforter and pushed me to a cold corner of the room. She planned to bury me in an earthen jar at the hill behind the house when the night falls. She had already prepared a pick and an earthen jar outside the house. It is really horrifying, it sends a chill down my spine just thinking about it.

    When the time arrived, she picked me up and carried me in her arms to bury me.

    Although he is already dead, but let me just look at him one more time before I bury him.

    she thought. She pulled back a corner of the thin blanket and uncovered only my face. Looking at me with my eyelids tightly closed, she said,

    This is the last time. Good bye. I couldn’t save you and now I let you go. I’m very sorry. Dear God, please let this child go to a wonderful world.

    Under the dim light of a small kerosene lamp, at the moment she was about to pull the blanket over me for the last time, I suddenly opened my eyes! As she looked at me, my eyes blinked several times and closed again. She saw that my body was completely dead and stiff, but my eyes were still alive and thought,

    You struggled with all your strength to open your eyes so you could see your mom one last time before you leave. Thank you my child, good bye.

    She could not bear to bury me since at least my eyes were still alive. So after she covered me again, she squatted next to me and kept watching. She thought, “What’s the use that he is alive only in the eyes? When the life has gone from his eyes too, I will carry him out and bury him.’ 40 minutes later, she lifted the covering from me once more and saw me open my eyes and blink again! 

    Since my eyes still had life, she felt hopeful and could not bury me. She kept me covered with the thin comforter and peeked to see me every now and then. I was so weak that I would only blink a couple of times and close my eyes again. She could not do anything but keep watching. She spent the whole night like that. 

    The next day, at dawn, her mother-in-law asked her, “Did you bury the child?” My mother replied, “I wanted to see his face one more time before burying him. When I lifted the cover, he blinked his eyes. So I wondered if he would live. I spent the whole night awake.” 

    Then her mother-in-law told her, “How could the child live? It’s not that he’s alive. It’s only the blinking of the eyes before he dies. He will not survive this morning and he will die before noon. Just go prepare breakfast.” 

    After my mother set the breakfast table, she went back to take a look at me. Then she saw my fingers move a little too. As time passed, the swelling of my face subsided and by that afternoon, I recovered a lot more, and on the third day, I fully came back to life. Only then, my mother could believe that it was God who saved my life. A person coming back to life is truly a miraculous joyous event. 

    My mother told me the story of how I survived. After that event, she named me, ‘Myung Seok,’ for she thought I would live a long time. All my siblings’ names were given by my grandfather, but I’m the only one who was named by my mother, who was deeply inspired by how I died and came back to life.

    명: Some Korean letters sound the same while having a different meaning when put in Chinese characters. Here, 명(命) and 명(明) sound the same but have a different meaning. The first 명 means, ‘life/lifespan/teaching/command,’ and the last, ‘bright/intelligent/light/dawn.’

    The Chinese character for my name, ‘Myung’, means ‘bright.’ Just as the sun and the moon bury themselves behind the clouds and surface again, my life also dipped and surfaced in the past. The sun and the moon exist as long as the time allotted by the Creator. A good name is a name with a good meaning. The Bible says this too. 

    I realized that the Lord had named me through my mother. In later days, while I was carrying out the work that the Lord entrusted to me, the second letter of my name, ‘Seok’ 锡 was changed to the ‘Seok’ 析  which means ‘to split, to interpret, or to be intelligent,’ based on the message of Matthew 3:10.  In this way, together with the Lord, I made history splitting good and evil, and the old time and new time, by delivering the Word of God.

    Everyone, you need to live up to the meaning of your name. I shared the story of how I died and came to life. Satan made me ill and tried to take my life away, but because the Lord saved me, I live my life only for him. Even now, I live every day following only the Lord’s Will, thanking Him and realizing how he saved my life.