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  • Learn Absolutely from the Lord

    Teachers have existed throughout human history to educate others on a plethora of things ranging from academics and skills to even faith and religion. However,  what and who is a True TeacherA True Teacher should be someone who has the capability of not only teaching people about life but also lead by example and show them how to walk on the path of life. Ultimately, If a person is unable to teach and lead people to Heaven, the final destination of life, then he or she is not ‘a True Teacher’ but simply a normal teacher. A student without a true teacher lacks the wisdom and skill to live his or her life well. Therefore, it is important to find the True Teacher that can lead you to the path of life, the path of success.

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  • Cleaning the Valley filled with Thrash


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    Pastor Jung cleaning the Tai Tam valley in Hong Kong

    Back in 2003, when I was in Hong Kong, there was a valley 1 km away from the place where I stayed. The valley had rotting trash and was giving off a stench, but no one dared to clean it. Instead, everyone just left it alone. I thought that people were the same so I decided to clean it. Then one day I went to the valley with two of my disciples to clean it up. I cleaned the 1 km long valley by myself all the way to the end of it.

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  • Is giving a challenge or a joy?

    There was one time, someone asked of something from me. It was an item that I needed and therefore I was reluctant to give it to him. Upon hearing his request, I thought, “If I give it to you, I won’t have any to use and why should I give the item to you when you didn’t help me with anything before?” I couldn’t find a reason to give the item to him. However, he was rude and persistent and kept demanding the item from me. I was irritated by his actions. At that moment, I recalled the teachings in the bible, God taught us that we should reward people only according to their deeds. While pondering on these words, I decided to keep the item for myself.

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  • The Lord said: “Look, I will come soon.”

    Reference scriptures: Revelations 22: 12, Revelations 22: 6-17

    Image from the Catastrophic Disaster movie titled 2012. A movie showing the apocalyptic days of the end of world

    There were many rumours and movies that depict the year 2012 to be the year when the end of the world would happen. These rumours came from different sources. Some said the prophecy came from the Mayan Calendar, while most people relate the event “the end of the world” from the bible.

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  • There must be a will, and you must also like it

    Pastor Jung Myung Seok delivered a powerful sermon about how we can live our lives full of flavour.

    “There must be a Will, and you must also like it.”

    As human beings, as long as we have the desire and it is something we like, we are willing to travel there even if it is very far away. Even if it’s the Will, it is very important that human beings like it as well, otherwise we will eventually separate from it. For example, even if a man owns a grand mansion in the countryside, he will not live there if he prefers the bustling city life.

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  • Take action like you would catch light.

    Isaiah 19:1

    See the Lord rides on a swift cloud and is coming to Egypt. The idols of Egypt tremble before him, and the hearts of the Egyptians melt with fear.

    Today, I will give a message about how you should take action. First, you have to pray about what you should take action on. If you pray like that, the work you need to do and the opportunity will come. At that time, you should take action with God and the person sent by God as the head and while discussing with them.

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  • People can’t endure if people go beyond the norm.

    Luke 20:38 – He is not the God of the dead, but of the living.

    When people go beyond the norm, everything becomes painful. E.g. People couldn’t live if they do not sleep, do not eat or do not do the basic things in order to survive. If people live not sleeping, not eating that means they have crossed beyond the norm. People must live while being careful not to step outside the normOnly then will people be able to live comfortably and not suffer.

    God created mankind to be sensitive

    In everything people do, whether they are small things or big things, God created people to work like a scale so that things are either easy or difficult, good or bad, or comfortable or uncomfortable. God created human beings to respond highly sensitively like a scale or a thermometer responding acutely to changes. God made it so that human beings will be able to tell what is good and what is bad and discern on their own and take appropriate actions.

    Even when it comes to something small,  people will discern if it is something they should do or something they should not do and take action accordingly. If thermometers, scales, and various types of machines are not made to be highly sensitive, they will fail to measure 100% perfectly. Even cars and aeroplanes–solid and majestic as they are–they are used 100% fully for our purposes because they were made and assembled extremely meticulously. The same is true with people.

    Human beings were created to be so sensitive that they can even feel when a single hair touches their body or when it is removed from their skin, and they were created with the ability to plan and take action 100% perfectly and smoothly. Like this, God created people to be sensitive and with good senses so that each person will live while taking action when they need to. It is normal when people are unable to endure not sleeping when it is time to sleep, unable to endure not eating when it is time to eat, and unable to endure not working when it is the time to work.

    Listen to the Lord’s Word, focus on your thoughts and sharpen them like a blade, and try to pray. This is a time when you must surely find out and know what you are currently not doing and what you need to repent for. It is a time to take action while incinerating your sins. Machines too,  if they endure and fail to detect the time they go beyond ‘the norm’ and exceed ‘their limits’, they will break down. Surely know that life is like that too. I bless everyone to respond sensitively to the Word of God and the Lord, never forget the teachings of the Lord and always take action with a sharp mind.