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Sermons and messages preached by Pastor Jung Myung Seok. Teachings that allow people to understand God in an easy and relatable way. Sermons were inspired by the bible and through taking action of the word taught by the Lord during his prayer life. He taught these words to people of different age and nationalities and helped many to resolve their doubts and questions about God and the bible. These teachings are not merely concepts but clear explanations of how to exercise faith in daily life. Taking on the Lord’s mentality, he shepherds and guide lives with only the purpose of bringing more people into God’s history, a time period of believing and loving God as a spiritual bride.

  • Learn Absolutely from the Lord

    Teachers have existed throughout human history to educate others on a plethora of things ranging from academics and skills to even faith and religion. However, what defines a true teacher? A true mentor should not only teach people about life but also lead by example. We are often faced with different choices in life and due to the lack of discernment, people may fall into destruction. A student without a true teacher lacks the wisdom and skill to live his or her life well. Therefore, it is important to find the True Teacher that can lead you to the path of life, the path of success.

    Learn from a True Teacher, learn from the Lord.

    Proverbs 3:6

    In all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.

    There are some people who claim that they live their lives putting the Lord as their head, but in reality, they failed to entrust to the Lord. Just like the scripture <Matthew 7:18> A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit, a teacher who is unable to live a life of faith well cannot expect their followers to lead a life centring on the Lord themselves. A bad teacher will only result in both themselves and their followers being unable to take action correctly with Heaven’s mentality and fulfil the Lord’s will for them. Thus, it is important to learn from the best teacher, who is the Lord himself.

    Who is <the head>? It is ‘the Lord.’

    Who is <the body>? It is ‘the followers.’

    God created this world and human beings in order to fulfill His plan and purpose. He sent the Messiah and taught human beings about the purpose so that they will live fulfilling it. Even when it comes to doing the work and missions of God, only the Lord who is the head knows clearly. Therefore, when the Lord speaks, the followers must take action according to that Word, that is why we have to learn from the Lord! People who live thinking that the Lord’s body is next to them are blessed people. If you live

    thinking that the Lord’s body is next to you,  you will not speak or act recklessly and you will empty away your own perspectives and take action according to the Lord’s Word. Always live thinking that God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son Lord are ‘next to you’ in reality of your life. Because, both God and the Holy Spirit take action through your body. Therefore, both God and the Holy Spirit are ‘next to you’ in your life. Everyone, realize this truth and live putting it into practice!

  • A Dog’s Hell – Story of “Kuwon” the dog that received salvation

    While I was visiting a wet market in China, I saw an unsightly and brutal scene. A group of dogs had been tied together like criminals. One after another, waiting to be slaughtered, the dogs stared helplessly as the butcher’s knife sliced through the throat of their companions in front of them.

    I thought to myself, “This place is like a dog’s hell.”

    The dogs were packed in large cages waiting to be slaughtered. They were petrified at the sight of the brutality. Their eyes were rolling about like that of a mental patient and their bodies were trembling with fear. In an attempt to escape, they endlessly drill into the corner of  the cage. As I looked at them, my heart fell into distress.

    I told myself, ” I hope to save them, even if it is just one of them.”

    There were seven dogs being locked in the cage.  I wanted to buy all seven of them but could not afford to buy all seven. So in the end, I could only save one of them.

    There were dogs sobbing uncontrollably except one who crossed its legs and looked at me quietly. I looked at it intently and made up my mind to buy that dog. I spent a hundred and twenty yuan to purchase and went to save it. However, thinking that I wanted to slaughter it, the dog was petrified and fainted on the spot. While I was taking this dog out of the cage, the other dogs looked at me and followed me frantically to escape the clutches of death.

    In the end, I brought back this dog and covered it with a blanket and gave it food. But it did not respond to my help but only kept trembling. After a month of constant care, the dog looked better and one day, it gave birth to two puppies in the nest! I then realized it was already pregnant when I bought it. Although I bought only one dog, it was actually saving three lives at a go, so I gave the name “Kuwon” which meant Salvation in Korean. After the whole incident, I brought it back to Korea, and now, it is in my hometown with its children, living bouncing vivaciously every day. 

    Through this incident, God made me realize:

    In God’s eyes, human beings are also like that. How many people whether in the body, heart or spirit are walking on the domain of death, and suffering the pain of hell every day? Like this story, God gave the gospel of this time period through the person He trusts and when people believe and follow, they will receive salvation due to the righteousness and the condition of believing and following. I realized, If there could be one greatest thing in this world, it is to save a life.

  • Cleaning the Valley filled with Trash

    Back in 2003, when I was in Hong Kong, there was a valley 1 km away from the place where I stayed. The valley had rotting trash and was giving off a stench, but no one dared to clean it. Instead, everyone just left it alone so I decided to clean it. One day, I went to the valley with two of my disciples to clean it up. I cleaned the 1 km long valley all the way to the end of it.

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    Pastor Jung cleaning the Tai Tam Valley in Hong Kong

    After cleaning the valley, I was drenched in sweat but there was no clean water to wash myself. It was the day of my birthday, so churches throughout the world was waiting for me to cut the cake in celebration of my birthday. However, I continued cleaning until 2 pm. Thereafter, I reported to God that I had finally completed cleaning the valley that reeked of trash stench.

    As soon as I finished praying, rain began to pour down. It was a gift of grace on my birthday. Torrents of rain poured down for about 10 minutes and as a result, the rainwater flowed along the valley that had already been swept clean and it became cleaner. At that time I was so thankful that I raised my voice and broke out into a song, ‘The Lord is My Shepherd’, as a token of my gratitude to God who had led me to the green pastures and to the places where Their Will exists, even in the midst of tribulations.

    When I found out the things needed to be done even in the midst of tribulations and put them to action, I gained more than what I had lost.

    It’s the same thing even now. When dark clouds develop, rain is likely to come. Thunder and lightning strike and raindrops begin to fall. Therefore people usually get anxious about being caught in the rain and their clothes getting wet, so they quickly go indoors. Or they feel bad, saying, “It has been a while since I was out like this but I am caught in the rain unfortunately.” Even when they go on a picnic, if it starts to rain they would get in the car and come back home right away. By the time they arrived home, the rain will have stopped after raining just a little bit. Then they would say, “Since we can’t go out again and the sky is covered with dark clouds, let’s go to sleep,” and they would just keep on sleeping. But in fact, the day would eventually turn out to be a really good day because the weather will become cool.

    What I realized from this incident

    Things often happen in this way when tribulations and hardships come. If you just get scared from the start, you will give up and run away and you will get used to being that way. Such people are always afraid of having any hardships that they may face in their future. Even if a small thunderstorm strikes and only a few raindrops fall in their lives, they feel nervous, have all kinds of worries and are afraid. Then, they give up and stop what they were trying to do.

    Do not think or be afraid of your difficulties and worries, but leave them to the Lord. You should take action boldly just as you get rained on during the summer and get caught in a snowstorm or cold wind in the winter time. Then like me, you can become a strong hero of life and you will be able to complete the work that the Lord has entrusted to you in the end. Do you believe this? If you get too scared, you will become a patient with heart problems. Call on the Lord. Call on God. Do you understand?