Sermons & Messages

Sermons & New teachings

Sermons and messages preached by Pastor Jung Myung Seok. Teachings that allow people to understand God in an easy and relatable way. Sermons were inspired by the bible and through taking action of the word taught by the Lord during his prayer life. He taught these words to people of different age and nationalities and helped many to resolve their doubts and questions about God and the bible. These teachings are not merely concepts but clear explanations of how to exercise faith in daily life. Taking on the Lord’s mentality, he shepherds and guide lives with only the purpose of bringing more people into God’s history, a time period of believing and loving God as a spiritual bride.

  • People can’t endure if people go beyond the norm.

    When people go beyond the norm, everything becomes painful. This is true when achieving a goal as well. When you go beyond the norm and cross the line, it becomes painful. Action must be taken but taken while taking minute care not to step outside the norm. Only then will people be able to take action according to their desires and continue to move forward in an ideal way.