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Pastor Jung Myung Seok was born on March 16, 1945, at 4 am in Seongmak-Ri, Jinsan-myun, Kumsan-gun, Chungchong Province, South Korea, as the third child in a family of seven children. He started believing in God’s existence at the young age of six. Being born in a village where the Christian gospel had not yet reached, he came to believe in Jesus when a Christian elementary school started to share the gospel with the children in the class. Afterwards, Christian missionaries came to distribute free Bibles to each household in Songmak-Ri. That was when he first started reading the Bible. As his faith deepened, Pastor Jung Myung Seok started to seek Jesus earnestly, and from the age of thirteen, he began to converse with Jesus while in deep prayer. Due to the extreme poverty, he faced in life, Pastor Jung Myung Seok was eagerly looking forward to the coming of Jesus and to be set free from his vicious cycle of agonies.


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Having spent his entire youth following Jesus’ heart of loving lives, Pastor Jung Myung Seok struggled deeply in his heart with the fact that he was enlisted for military operations in the Vietnam war on Feb 22, 1966. In the war, despite many dangerous encounters, he firmly chose not to shoot at his enemies but instead prayed to God to keep both his platoon and his enemies safe. Even when his platoon was attacking the enemies, he charged without firing his weapon. Throughout the war, he experienced first-hand, the precious value of life and the love of Heaven through countless life and death encounters. He saw with his own eyes the painful suffering of war, and experienced deeply the meaninglessness of life, and realized how precious it is to be alive. Because he valued not only his own but also his enemies’ lives, God protected him from countless deadly situations during the war. Even though Pastor Jung Myung Seok did not kill a single person, he survived 2 tours of duty in Vietnam and was awarded 2 medals of honor for having saved his platoon mates.

Vietnam War Stories


Setting a New Standard for a New Era

Pastor Jung Myung Seok lives up to his life’s philosophy, preaching the gospel in ways that help people relate to God in a real way and enable them to live according to the Word. In this way, the first set the fire of the gospel on the College campuses where young people were hungry for the Truth. To those who could not find the path of life and those who misunderstood and distrusted God because they did not know the Bible correctly, Pastor Jung Myung Seok taught them and gave them new hope and direction. This new fire of the Truth that teaches us clearly about ourselves, about God’s purpose for creating human beings, about faith, and about salvation is being spread not only throughout Korea but also to over fifty nations around the world.

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Love and faith cannot be fulfilled with just words alone. Living according to the Word is faith. The Bible is not just made up of holy words, but it is a message of hope in which God’s miracles are fulfilled even today. The word is an essential guide for our lives. Because the Lord continues to speak to us through the Word. “I will continue to carry out the work of the Lord every day, till the end.”

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