Christian Gospel Mission

Founder of Providence

Providence religious movement or also officially known as Christian Gospel Mission was started by Pastor Jung Myung Seok to spread the Word that he received from the Trinity (God, Holy Spirit and Holy Son) ever since 1978. Starting from his teens, Pastor Jung spent more than 20 years leading an ascetic life of prayer and realized the deep grief of God’s heart of unfulfilled love towards all of mankind.

He makes himself a spiritual bride of Heaven and while emptying his own desires and loved the Lord while putting the Lord as the top priority. Through that, he came to receive and deliver the deep Word of love and salvation from the Holy Trinity.

300 churches over 30 nations

Providence spreads to the World

Following the example of Pastor Jung Myung Seok’s life, disciples of Providence Korea came to live to put the Holy Trinity as the top priority of their lives, and also to love lives with the same heart as the Holy Trinity. This movement of love and truth that was started by one person over 30 years ago have now grown beyond South Korea to over 30 nations and 300 churches throughout the world.

Sermon & Messages

over the years


1991.04 –National University Student Environmental Conservation Competition

1992 –10th Anniversary of the founding of gospel mission 10th National Harmony Grand Festival

1993.09 –Clean the Planet’ Environmental Campaign

1995. 05 –Evangelism assembly among 75 universities in Korea

1999. 10 –Founding of Christian Gospel Mission (CGM)

2000. 07 –CGM Overseas Social Service Volunteer Group

2001. 02 –Established CGM Volunteer Group Council

2006. 08 –Hosted Asia Peace Cup Athletics Conference

2007. 08 –Hosted the 2007 International Peace Sports Arts Festival

2008. 05 –Tae-an-Peninsula Cleanup Campaign and Taean Residents’ Free Clinical Activity

2008 –International Peace Sports Arts Festival

2009. 01 –Love Piggy Bank for neighbours having difficult times 8th International Peace Sports Peace Festival

2010. 06 –Wolmyungdong Flower Festival ‘Travel with the Lord’10th World Leaders Peace Forum

2011. 09 –National Evangelism Rally ‘Festival of Joy’Joy’11th Christian Gospel Mission Asian Cup Football Tournament

2012. 05 –World Youth Evangelism Rally ‘Festival of Hope for the Youth’7th Bible camp for peace leaders

2013. 01 –Spiritual Camp for World Mission 10th World Evangelism Rally ‘Stone Gem; Life Gem’

2014. 08 –World University Bible Seminar 10th Christian Gospel Mission Asian Cup Football Tournament