Jung Myung Seok

Ascetic Life of Prayer (1970-1978)

1970Pastor Jung was desperate to realize the meaning of the Bible, so he continued his ascetic life of prayer on the mountain, and studied the Bible to the point where he could almost memorize every verse. When he starved for 70 days because he had nothing to eat due to poverty, he became emaciated and almost died. Just as everyone would become emaciated if the body did not eat, he realized piercingly ‘how precious the Word of God is for the Spirit’. 

20 June 1971After coming back from Vietnam War, he was inspired by Jesus to build a church for God. He used the money he earned from serving in the military and built the Seokmak Church in his hometown.

1974-1978Through that, he was able to unravel God’s unfulfilled purpose since 6000 years. He realized Jesus’ heart of indignance to be crucified. Upon such realizations, Pastor Jung Myung Seok was determined to awaken mankind’s senses to the Lord’s heart. In order to do that, he formulated key lessons and established a new gospel to be spread in the new history. Through prayer, he received further inspirations of explaining the deep Word of the Lord through a series of charts.