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Eagle's Peak

As you climb up out of Daedun valley, a towering peak with a striking image of an eagle’s head comes into view: Eagle’s Peak. This peak is about 10 meters away from the Dragon’s Gate Cave Observatory Tower. 

Most people are unaware of this place as it is partially blocked by rocks and trees. It’s only when you climb up out of the valley that you can experience the breathtaking view of Dragon’s Gate Cave and the scenery surrounding Mt. Daedun.

Eagle’s Peak is so narrow that just one person kneeling leaves barely any space. Therefore, it’s very dangerous for two people to climb up together. If you fall, it’s a 100-meter drop. And it’s easy to lose your balance, especially during a typhoon. Therefore, like an abalone stuck to a rock, you need to sit on the boulder while tightly gripping it.

Looking out from Eagle’s Peak, there is a beautiful view of the Dragon’s Gate Cave precipice, Seven Stars Peak, Taigu Temple Peak, and boulders of other peaks.

In Dragon’s Gate Cave, there is also a tree that has withstood the test of time and is thus named the Thousand-Year Pine Tree. This tree is a masterpiece of nature. However, because the route to Eagle’s Peak is so dangerous, it later became off-limits. Before it was prohibited to climb there, and before Mt. Daedun became a tourist attraction, I frequently visited the area.

The most dangerous part is ascending the peak. To reach the peak, you have to climb a vertical rock face that is over 100 meters high. Even as a skilled climber, you would still be terrified because you’d have to climb the boulders with only your bare hands and without any support.

While praying there one day, Jesus told me to open my eyes. I opened my eyes, stood up, and looked around. I could clearly see the boulders and cliffs spreading out from my position on Eagle’s Peak to the Seven Stars Peak and Taigu Temple, as if an eagle were spreading out its wings. In the Bible, the eagle is a symbol of God and the Messiah.

The Lord made me realize that Eagle’s Peak is the place where the thoughts of God and the Holy Son overflow. Therefore, it’s an ideal place for training one’s mentality and receiving the grace of inspiration.

Jesus led me by the Holy Spirit from the place where I had first prayed (Dragon Gate Cave, Seven Star Peak Observatory Tower) to this place.

From that point on, I named this place “Eagle’s Peak”. Afterwards, I came to understand why Jesus had led me to realize that this place was formed in the shape of an eagle. 

The Bible prophesies that God will send an eagle from the East:

Isaiah 46:11

“From the east I summon a bird of prey; from a far-off land, a man to fulfill my purpose. What I have said, that I will bring about; what I have planned, that I will do.”


I realized two things from Jesus: from Heaven’s point of view, the eagle is the Holy Son, and from Earth’s point of view, it is the person who comes to testify as His body.

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