Introduction of art piece “Destiny” by Pastor Jung Myung Seok

This artwork was drawn with a flashing inspiration the artist had.  It presents graceful skills that are attained from practising the strokes of brush countless times. This painting contains an impactful message. The snail wants to climb a cliff with its suction force. Even though it fell off the cliff, it climbed back up, and when it fell off the cliff, it climbed back up again..  After climbing up like that for numerous times, it finally reached the peak. The snail thought: “Now that I am alive, let me look behind.” Even though the crane had wanted to eat it, the crane was so moved while looking at how the snail did not give up and wanted to do it till the end, that its desire to eat it faded away. Is this the destiny set by God? Or is this the destiny set by the snail?

Artist Jung Myung Seok "Cheon Bo"

Jung Myung Seok has been active in his artistic activities and exhibits his calligraphy and paintings under his pen name “Cheon Bo” in South Korea, as well as in England, France, Germany, and Argentina.


At “ARTECLASICA”, a famous art exhibition held in Buenos Aires the capital of Argentina on July 2011, Pastor Jung Myung Seok’s art piece “Destiny” was awarded ‘Best Art Work. He was also chosen by the organizing committee from among 3000 other artists from around the World as the ‘Representative Artist’ of the exhibition. His artworks were also the only ones to be invited to the event from the whole of Korea and were on display for 10 days over the span of the ARTECLASICA exhibition.

Reporters from 4 television news stations, including Argentina’s “Canal A”, came to interview Pastor Jung about his life and artwork, and the interview was aired nation-wide. Additionally, Pastor Jung’s artworks also received overwhelming publicity through newspapers, magazines, and other media.

Comments by the Argentina Art Association

“Through this impactful art piece from Korea, we are able to give recognition to a world famous artist and to gather people with the same passion for art. The artist’s masterpiece has both the traditional and modern elements. It displays the limitless talents of the artist and it has touched all of us greatly. It is not easy for us, who are more familiar with the western culture, to understand the eastern culture and the artist who did that painting. His mentality displayed is religious, and out of this world. In order to experience his world and mentality, our footsteps brought us to his artworks. This artist got the greatest honour by presenting us with artworks that are of another level. Everyone knows that it is impossible for each of the audience to feel and experience how good the art piece is during the introduction to the artwork. Hence, it is very important for the audience to put in the effort to hear about the stories that are hidden in each artwork. We would like to acknowledge that we had heartfelt joy and deep messages in this meet up with noble artists from all over the world, through this meeting cultures.”

How Pastor Jung Myung Seok learnt drawing

When I was in elementary school,  I broke my mum’s mirror on her dresser table, which she bought when she got married, when I was reaching for a tool high up the cupboard for coloring in the midst of drawing. Because of this incident, my dad said: “I will break your arm if you were to continue drawing in the future!” Later, Pastor Jung secretly drew on sands with his finger, and then rubbed it off. Even when he goes to church, he drew secretly there. The Lord gave him ideas while he drew the outline. Even while he was in the midst of his tour-of-duty in the Vietnam war, he drew the scenery and coconut trees he saw. After that, the Lord gradually gave him ideas and together, they drew the history of spreading the Gospel of the time period, starting from Providence Korea as the center nation.