Wolmyeongdong Natural temple

Wolmyeongdong—situated in Seokmakri village, Jinsan area, Gumsan county in Chungnam province, is God’s Natural Temple which Pastor Jung Myung Seok has been making together with his disciples since 1989, with great dedication, love and effort. It is built as a temple for people to offer prayers and glory to God.


where the moon shines the brightest at Wolmyeongdong

In the past, Wolmyeongdong has been called “The Valley of Bright Moonlight, or ‘Dalbakgol’ because there the moon shines brightly. However, when Pastor Jung Myung Seok prayed, the Lord spoke to him in a revelation saying, “Numerous people will gather here like Myeongdong in Seoul”. He then changed the name of the valley to Wolmyeongdong


Wolmyeongdong displays Heaven on Earth

As you climb up the winding road towards Wolmyeongdong, the beautiful form of a traditional Korean pavilion roof rising up above a pond catches the eye, as you begin to marvel at its beauty. Following along the path a bit more, and you will be greeted by a beautiful waterfall before coming into the full view of the majestic sight of the “Ambition masterpiece” rock landscaping, towering above a wide sports field. Here, various rocks of mysterious shapes and pine trees are laid out harmoniously like the landscape in an Asian painting. Its grandeur strikes every visitor with admiration.


The Grass Lawn

Even before that sense of admiration fades away, a field of grass as soft as a carpet catches your eye; the feeling of comfort and sense of peace like a prodigal being embraced in his parent’s arms. The boulder, inscribed with the words ‘Natural Temple’, next to the grass lawn further adds to its beauty. In addition, the clear spring water that flows down to even before that sense of admiration fades away, a field of grass as soft as a carpet catches the eye, sitting peaceful beside the statue of the Holy Son with wide open arms to embrace every visitor. The soft fragrance of the grass, refreshes your heart and also invites you to rest on the lawn and offer your first prayer to God. A boulder with the words ‘Natural Temple’ inscribed on it, stands authoritatively just behind the statue of the Holy Son, assuring you that you have now come into the realm of God’s natural temple. the lawn has healed numerous people of their pain and sufferings miraculously when consumed.


Perfection of Harmony with Nature

Daedun mountain, which can be seen in the distance beyond Wolmyeongdong, appears as if it is trying to embrace everything in its arms. Known as the golden river of the south western mountain range of Korea, and amongst the most famous mountains of South Korea, it rises up like an ornamental screen behind the Natural Temple. The awesome sight combined with the rock landscaping in the foreground elevates the beauty to its height. Heaven and the Earth are in beautiful perfect harmony. Wolmyeongdong is a place where the precious meeting of man’s love for God and God’s love for mankind takes place.


The Development of Wolmyungdong

Pastor Jung Myung Seok, who developed Wolmyeongdong says to anyone and everyone, “Come to this place and praise the Holy Trinity who saved our lives.” When he first began extensive rock landscape construction, experts were called in to begin the construction work. This was because Pastor Jung Myung Seok did not have any experience working with rocks whatsoever. However, not too long after the construction began, the experts left because the big boulders that were used according to the inspiration from God, were deemed to be too dangerous to work with.

In such a difficult situation, Pastor Jung suggested to the disciples “Let’s build the rock landscape ourselves.” His disciples replied, “We have no experience, so how can we do it?” At this, Pastor Jung responded saying, “Does anyone know how to construct a rock landscape from their mother’s womb?” From that day onward, Pastor Jung and his disciples personally started the construction work from scratch, in order to build God’s natural temple.


After twenty years in the making

Twenty years have passed since the completion of the construction of the rock landscape. There is no longer any trace of the past in today’s Wolmyeongdong. This land, that used to be abandoned and treacherous because it was so isolated, has now turned into a place where crowds of people come; it has been transformed into such a beautiful and peaceful Natural Temple. People visit Wolmyeongdong for various reasons. To those who are weary, lonely, and tired out in their hearts and bodies, God heals them with encouragement and hope through love. To those who want to offer up thanksgiving and praises, God goes to them with the blessings of joy. Pastor Jung Myung Seok said,


Pastor Jung Myung Seok said...

“After having met God, my life that was so worthless before has been transformed, and the land of my hometown that used to be so worthless has now been transformed into the priceless Natural Temple, Wolmyeongdong. In the same way, I wish that everyone will transform and succeed!”