Overcoming Poverty

Discovering the Path of Life

When you enter the spiritual world, your mentality, heart, and soul grow to resemble those of God. You come to know more deeply about God and the Holy Son, and about things that you couldn’t understand in the physical world. You also gain greater understanding and realization about your path in life. That’s the significance of the spiritual world. 

Entering the spiritual world

If you pray deeply in the physical world, you can enter the spiritual world. The spiritual world has thousands of different levels. But whether you enter a low-level spiritual world or a high-level spiritual world, as long as you enter the spiritual world, you have succeeded in prayer. 

Although your physical body remains still, your soul can travel to the spiritual realm together with your mentality, thoughts, and heart. In the physical realm, your spirit will exist only at the level of the body (your physical mentality, heart, and soul). However, if your mentality, heart, and soul enter the spiritual world, your spirit will exist in the spiritual realm as well. When this is done frequently, your spirit its

The infamous and treacherous Eagle’s Peak that Pastor Jeong Myeong Seok used to pray on during his ascetic life of prayer. Nowadays, all people are prohibited from praying there as it is extremely dangerous and steep.

The challenge of transcending physical boundaries through prayer

In the past, in order to offer a deep prayer that crossed from this world into the spiritual realm, I often fasted when I went into the mountains or caves to pray. Praying on a rocky cliff is difficult. When you have a physical body, it’s hard to pray deeply while ignoring the hunger, cold, heat, worries, and anxieties of life. The only way to overcome these things is to forsake your body’s sense of consciousness. However, because the physical body is subject to the laws of the physical world, it’s difficult to focus your thoughts and spirit enough to enter the spiritual world through prayer.

Consider how challenging it would be to live in another country all on your own. You would need to invest a lot of time in order to adapt to living in the new country and would not assimilate well without changing your lifestyle. In the same way, it isn’t easy to enter the spiritual world.

One time, I started to feel cold in the midst of prayer, so I opened my eyes out of curiosity. Unbeknownst to me, the day had already turned into night. From this, I realized that I had been so focused on prayer that I hadn’t even felt the passage of time. When a person’s physical nature is strong, they pray at just a physical level, so they don’t have much to say. But praying at a deep spiritual level is much harder to do.

If you pray spiritually, the Holy Spirit will inspire you and move your heart so that you can feel the heart of God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son. When you pray according to the inspirations that come to mind, you will not feel the passage of time. Furthermore, your prayer will not simply be a prayer of mere words but a prayer that comes from your heart, soul, and spirit.

Leading a spiritual life

When you see the spiritual world, you can clearly differentiate between two paths: the path of evil and the path of goodin other words, the path leading to death in Hell and the path leading to life in Heaven where God dwells. You also come to understand the reason for your spirit’s existence. And you can even meet with God! I know this because I searched for and discovered that path of life when I met Jesus in the spiritual world through deep prayer.

Pastor Jeong Myeong Seok praying sincerely in Hwetgol Cave behind Wolmyeongdong in the late 90s, while developing Wolmyeongdong. This was one of the prayer caves in which he used to pray and study the Bible.

While praying in the mountains for over 20 years, I suffered through all kinds of difficulties and hardships. I did this because more than anything else, I wanted to clearly know the purpose of my life. I believed that Jesus was the one who could answer all of my questions about life—so I desperately wanted to meet him. You must also come to meet the Savior, the Lord, because it’s only through him that you will come to know the complete path of life.

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