1987 – Present

Growth of Providence

January 1988

Established first overseas South East Asian church in Taiwan

March 1989

Organised the “World Evangelist Assembly”

July 1989

Commenced the construction of God’s Natural Temple, Wolmyeongdong

March 1993

Established Providence Seminary


March – Held Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan assembly

August – Conducted an evangelistic assembly in America

September – Conducted an evangelistic assembly in Japan

March 1995

Embarked on mission tours in 198 regions and cities in Korea, and overseas

April 1998

Organised an evangelistic assembly in South East Asia

January 1999

Jeong began preaching the gospel worldwide. Holding international events in Europe and Asia to rally people of diverse cultures, he preached God’s Word of love in over 50 nations, one at a time. Every year, thousands of people from across nations participate in Providence’s world peace celebratory events, arts exchange, and sports rallies, centering on God’s desire for peace and global unity.

October 1999

Establishment of the Christian Gospel Mission (CGM) and Social Services Association (CGM)

February 2001

Establishment of CGM Volunteer Group. From 2000 until today, Providence has organized hundreds of events and tours, spreading the gospel to this generation. The Word that Jeong personally learned from Jesus while praying in the mountains has spread across 72 nations. Today, Providence has over 400 established churches and will continue to grow.

December 2017

Providence celebrates International Day of Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) through a fashion showcase, Beyond Prejudice.

October 2018

The first Joshua Jeong Autumn Concert was held in Wolmyeongdong to give glory to God. At the concert, which was streamed by over 30 countries, songs written and composed by Jeong were performed.  A friendly soccer tournament, which involved teams from four countries, was organized to spread the spirit of peace.

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