Vietnam War

I Heard the Voice of God

Operation Mt. Cai in Tuy Hoa

I participated in the Vietnam War from 1966 to 1969. This particular incident happened during the Mt. Cai Operation in Tuy Hoa in 1967. My comrade, Yoo Kun Tae, and I ran into a Vietcong only three meters away from us.  Hiding behind a tall tree, the enemy had a rifle aimed at us. My partner fainted immediately, and I lost my senses. Regaining consciousness, I saw the enemy slowly pulling the trigger. I called out to God and Jesus. In a mere split second, I would be shot to death.

God’s voice told me, “Love!”

All of a sudden, a thunderous voice—so loud that I felt the whole world could hear—resonated from Heaven: “LOVE!” Without a doubt, I knew it was God’s voice. I hesitated. I intended to drop my weapon and walk toward him, yet at the same time, I was terrified by the thought that he might shoot me at any moment. I couldn’t even open my mouth to plead with God, so I merely asked Him silently, “He’ll shoot me if I walk over there to show him love.”

The voice boomed again, more urgently this time, “LOVE!” This time, I was deeply moved and immediately felt someone push me from behind. I let go of my rifle and ran towards the Vietcong. With tears in my eyes, I embraced him tightly and expressed my loving heart to him. He, too, gently released his weapon, put his arms around my waist, and we cried together. By keeping God’s Word, even at the risk of being shot to death, God saved both our lives and allowed us to survive.

It was an extremely dramatic experience that assured me of God’s love. God takes care of me in every situation, and saves me as long as I love Him and love others. Indeed, a life of loving others has made me into who I am today and has enabled Providence to spread throughout the world. Even without going through this kind of experience, you can be sure that God will save you when you also love others—whether they are your brothers, friends, or even your enemies.

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In his spare time he runs, cycles, and exercise with the trinity in mind.