16th March 1945

Days of his childhood

The Beginning: 1945

Born on 16 March 1945 in an impoverished village in Seongmak-ri, South Korea, Pastor Jung Myung Seok grew up with six siblings.

Days of His Childhood: 1950s

Resorting to eating tree bark when there was a lack of food, Jung held onto God for hope from the age of six. His journey with Jesus began when Christian missionaries shared the gospel at his elementary school and distributed free bibles to each family.

Days of His Childhood: 1960s

Unable to attend middle school due to poverty, Jung was worried that he would remain ignorant without education. Realizing that Jesus is the greatest teacher in life, Jung pleaded with Jesus even more earnestly, “Lord, please teach me!”

Jung would farm in the fields during the day and study the Bible by candlelight during the night, driven by an immense desire to love Jesus, receive the Lord’s Second Coming, and understand the purpose of humankind’s creation.

Jung often retreated into the mountains to read the Bible and pray.

Enduring hunger, solitude, and the cold, Jung’s efforts to learn directly from Jesus paid off when Jesus appeared in spirit to teach him the deep secrets of the Bible.

Jung began evangelizing on the streets at 20, moved by God’s immeasurable love for humankind. With the teachings he learned from Jesus, Jung continues to preach the gospel until today. Since then, he has led more than 10,000 people back to God.