Overcoming Poverty

Persistence & Perseverance

One day, as I was about to go to church, rain began to pour down heavily. It was raining so hard that I couldn’t even step outside. However, I told myself that I couldn’t skip service simply because of the bad weather. Since I had no umbrella, I made a dash towards church while covering my head. But then I came across another big hurdle…

The continuous overnight rain had flooded the streams, causing the water level to reach about three feet high! I was terrified and wondered if I should just head home instead. However, with steely resolve, I was determined to make it to church since I had come this far already. 

I cautiously stepped towards the stream but was soon weighed down by the crashing currents. Feeling my body being swept away, I frantically searched for something solid to grab on to. I was able to grasp onto something sturdy while taking the remaining steps to cross the stream.


After that, I had to cross yet another stream. This one had an even stronger current and was far wider than the previous one. Though the water came up all the way to my thighs, I managed to cross over and safely reach the church.

God's burning, anxious heart

However, when I arrived at the church, I found that I was the only one there. Even my mother and the female elder, who always arrived early to ring the bell, were not there. I thought of God and how He would feel when He sees that no one had come to the church to pray; wouldn’t He feel sad? I wanted to comfort His heart, so I prayed, confessing that I would be faithful in doing His work.

As I prayed, a miracle happened: a vision came to me; a huge fireball the size of the sun came hurtling towards me. In that moment, a surge of energy ran through my body, and I felt God’s burning and anxious heart. With that energy, I prayed even more earnestly to become a person of God and accomplish what other people had failed to do.

Many years have passed since then. As I took action to love God throughout my life, I realized that only through persistence and perseverance can we come to understand and feel God’s presence and His love for us.

About Author

Shinki is that IT Gig, that go to person for computer related issues.

In his spare time he runs, cycles, and exercise with the trinity in mind.