Vietnam War

The Prisoner of War Who Became My Spiritual Friend

After risking my life to save a Vietcong prisoner of war (POW), I brought him back to our base camp—only for him to be soon killed by my platoon commander, 1st Lieutenant Son Seon Jong. I was completely heartbroken and devastated! How could someone so easily take away someone else’s lifea precious gift given by God?

As I prayed for the late POW, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him. If I had been there with him, he wouldn’t have been killed. But I left him alone, and for that I regretted entering the cave to catch another Vietcong. I wept throughout the night.

He was a Catholic. I felt a deep affection for him because we owed our lives to each other, and we both believed in the same God after all. I grieved over my beloved brother’s death for weeks. He was always in my prayers and became my spiritual friend.

After the War

When 20 years had passed since the military discharge, I tried to find my war buddy, Yoo Kun Tae. For four years, I searched for him all throughout South Korea, but he was nowhere to be found. Ultimately, I realized that his irresistible love for alcohol, tobacco, and women had finally taken him from this world. Also, I looked for the man who had been my platoon commander, Son Seon Jong. I found out that he had been promoted to Lieutenant Colonel. But sadly, one winter day, he and his wife, son, and daughter all died in their sleep from briquette gas poisoning. He was only in his 40s, the prime of his life. Calamity fell upon him and his family because he had not loved his brothers and had ruthlessly killed his enemies…

 I wrote this testimony of how God worked because neither the dead nor the unseen can testify about His works.

Remember that only love can save our body, soul, and spirit.

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