Overcoming Poverty

The Teacher

How do you want to live your life? Do you want to simply go through the motions, existing from day to day? Following and learning from the wisest teacher, Jesus, I’ve found meaning in my life through spreading God’s Word.

Who am I?

I’ve always doubted myself. I’m not smart, I don’t think quickly, and I can’t speak well in front of crowds. I prayed telling God sincerely, “Lord! I am ignorant and stupid. No matter how deeply I think, there is just no possibility for me to become smart. People constantly call me stupid, saying that my brain is useless. I thought that what I’d done so far was wise, but I’ve realized that it was foolish, and so, I’m just a stupid person without wisdom. Yes! I now realize and acknowledge that I am stupid.” 

My ignorance pained me, and I cried in agony. Suddenly, in that moment, I heard a voice gently comforting me: 

“I already knew that you are neither intelligent nor wise, so please stop cursing yourself. No matter how stupid and useless a person may be, as long as he has the heart to learn from someone wise, he can also gain wisdom. But no matter how smart and wise a person may be, if he learns from a foolish teacher, he will definitely become a fool. Therefore, foolishness and lack of wisdom is not the problem; the problem is whether you follow an intelligent teacher or not.”

This reassurance spurred me on. With a renewed sense of motivation, I searched high and low for a wise teacher. Yet, I realized with disappointment that no such person existed in my village.

The wise teacher is none other than Jesus

That night, while praying, I realized that the wise teacher is someone I already knew: Jesus himself. I confessed that Jesus was the one and only wise teacher. Since then, whenever I prayed, the Lord would appear through my thoughts and teach me the words of the Bible. He taught me about the laws of Creation and the principles of the universe. Gradually, I came to realize and understand God’s Word more clearly. Scriptures that were once confusing to me became comprehendible.

This continued for a few years. Then, I felt the Lord’s inspiration in my heart: Since I became your teacher, after learning from me, you, too, go out and become the teacher who teaches others about this Word.

Looking back at the past

Years have passed since the Lord told me this, yet even to this day,  remembering what the Lord told me, I’ve been teaching the Word of this time period to all parts of the world. With God’s Word of the time period and God’s mentality, the Lord made me a wise teacher by letting me learn from Jesus.

You, too: whom will you learn from? How do you want to live your life? Now is the best time to develop yourself. Therefore, find your wise teacher and develop yourself into a great person by learning the Word of God. In this way, both your spirit and body will become great while you’re living on earth. 

About Author

Shinki is that IT Gig, that go to person for computer related issues.

In his spare time he runs, cycles, and exercise with the trinity in mind.